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April 30, 2024 64 mins
In this riveting podcast episode, we bring together two intriguing voices from opposite ends of the spectrum: Mark Lanier, a distinguished trial lawyer and keen apologist-theologian, known for his compelling defense of Christianity in "Christianity on Trial," and Paul Beaumont, a former Christian turned skeptic after encountering the arguments of new atheists like Richard Dawkins. Mark, drawing on his legal expertise, passionately defends the tenets of Christianity, while Paul, armed with his own journey and insights, acts as the prosecution, challenging notions of human value, the resurrection of Christ, and the reasons behind his own loss of faith. Join us as these two formidable minds engage in a thought-provoking debate, exploring fundamental questions about belief, doubt, and the complexities of faith. It's a clash of perspectives you won't want to miss. Originally Aired 22 Nov 2014 • Subscribe to the Unbelievable? podcast: • Support us: For Mark Lanier Read Christianity on Trial Book: Law Firm: Lanier Theological Library: For Paul Beaumont: Read A Brief Eternity Book: New Humanist:
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