Dog Training DisrUPted - UPWARD Dogology

Dog Training DisrUPted - UPWARD Dogology

Welcome! This podcast is a thought provoking journey into the world of dog rescue, science, rehabilitation, and canine behavior. Host, Billie Groom, is an expert in Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and award winning author. She was featured in Psychology Today Magazine by Marc Bekoff, and appears on many shows, including LA Tribune, IGNITE Your Essence, DVM 360, The Animal Innovations Show, and is a featured speaker at the Animal Behavior Society Conference 2022. Billie openly shares her experiences and knowledge, in a straight-forward and often humorous manner, acquired over three decades working with dogs, rescuers, fosters, adopters, and industry experts. She describes how dogs think, learn, process, and absorb our urban world, compared to that of puppies, and explains, without judgement, the inherent limitations of conventional training methods. Billie, then, introduces us to Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CCBT), a scientifically proven methodology designed to recognize pre-established thought patterns, respect emotions, and harness cognitive abilities. NOTE: this podcast does not provide specific training advice. As a successful behaviorist for over 3 decades, and an expert in CCBT, Billie shares with us the learning journeys of a few of her clients. If you feel defeated, or as though nothing is working, you are not alone! Billie has helped hundreds of people every year who felt that surrender or euthanasia was their only option. You can do this, too! Billie chats with the most interesting people who help animals. From volunteers, to rescuers, to veterinarians, and authors, you will be amazed by the work these wonderful people do everyday! Mixed in with all this enlightening information, Billie dives deep into scientific studies on dog behavior, and dissects the world of dog rescue and training. Are the experts providing you with all the information? Or are you being saturated with gimmicks and ineffective advice? This podcast aims to change societal views on rescued dogs and our ability to effectively integrate dogs with checkered pasts into our world. By incorporating Canine CBT into mainstream dog rearing, we can reclaim the lost human-animal bond, and change the world for dogs in need.ABOUT Billie: Billie is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America, Comparative Cognition Society, and Animal Behavior Society. She is the author of an award winning book on rescued dogs, and published in Ruff Drafts Magazine, Cold Noses News, and Dog Desk Radio. She is a guest on multiple podcasts, tv and radio shows, and is a graduate of Western Ont. University. Her business won the Global Business Awards 2021. She hails from Ontario, Canada and lives in Saskatchewan, Canada with her rescued dogs and a cat who adopted her.


September 27, 2022 14 min

Hello and thanks for joining me!

I am guessing most of you are not proponents of methods that take a "dominance" approach. What does this really entail? And how is it different from Alpha and Pack Leader?

There are common exercises in dominance training that may not seem as though they would have a negative effect, and, in fact, are part of mainstream dog training.  Is going through a door first harmful or simply counterprodu...

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This episode is for those who have a dog,  and are bringing a little human into the family. I provide simple suggestions of things to do BEFORE the arrival of the baby that will make your busy life easier. These exercises can be adapted to suit your lifestyle and the personality of your dog.

As always, please share, and feel free to provide questions and feedback.

Recordings of my presentations at the Animal Behavior Societ...

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Welcome!  In this episode I refer to the studies by Dr. Kathy Murphy, owner of Barking Brains, and a neuroscientist who specializes in brain development in respect to behaviors and the success (or lack there of) of training methods in different life stages. 

This episode focuses on the adolescent stage, describing brain development and how it effects behaviors. There are a lot of comparisons to teenagers!

The adolescent stage is whe...

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Welcome to Dog Training DisrUPted, by UPWARD Dogology

This episode features animal lover, professional swimmer, writer, speaker, and creator of peace, Lynne Cox.

Lynne's new book, Tales of Al, The Water Rescue Dog, is a heartwarming story about a dog expected to be an "easy train" by the elite Italian Water Rescue Dog Team. Lynne recounts her visit to Italy, meeting all the dogs, and sharing the story of Al, (well, not t...

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Leash walks can be frustrating when dogs are pulling, putting on the brakes, or  lolly-gagging.  Should you be expected to continuously turn around, or simply allow your dog to sniff everything? Should you be expected to have decompression walks that are really only decompressing for your dog?

In this ep I talk about common recommendations, from continuously turning around, standing still, to allowing your dog to sniff and decide t...

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Does your dog run to the door when you pick up your car keys? Or run to the door with the sound of your partner's car pulling? Or jump off the couch when you click off the tv?

These are triggers that create habits - good habits!  But what about habits our dogs have that are not what we perceive as "good" or "wanted".  These habits lead to unwanted behavior, but mainstream dog training addresses these as "good...

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Welcome! Adopting a dog over the age of six months is rewarding and fun. When initially integrating dogs into a family, we can expect some challenges. As with humans, change in eating habits is a common reaction to stress caused by change in environment or physical ailments.  When physically healthy dogs who are adapting well to their new environment refuse to eat, it can be scary and a bit of a mystery for many adopters. Fortunate...

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Welcome! We all want the same for our dogs - to give them their best lives! But what happens if they are simply too scared, reactive, or incapable of enjoying activities with us?   

This year has seen a big focus on canine anxiety, and some of the info out there can cause anxiety!

So let's unpack what your options are, and how to determine if it is the right one for your dog, Is distraction and avoidance a good idea?  How do we k...

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Welcome to  the final episode of 2021!  This episode was a challenge. So much happened in 2021 in relation to spreading awareness of Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, making connections, collaborating, and learning about the industry.

I decided to share, in brief,  the pitfalls of the industry, which, for those who listen other episodes, know all too well.  Through the closed doors I received from influential orgs, I learned a l...

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Welcome!   You are going to love this chat with Michael!

Michael Overlie is a Canine-Partnered Coach, Energy Healer, and Author. Michael provides men with the tools to be not only a great dog-dad, but also the best human they can be,  by changing their perceived need to be the tough guy, or use their dog as a status symbol.  Amazingly, Michael accomplishes this in the most relaxed, holistic, and centered manner.   I learned about Mi...

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Welcome! In this episode, we chat with author, Ciaran Walsh, on how his newly released book gives parents a "get out of jail free card" when their child asks for a dog. This questions ("Can I have a dog pleeeeeeease?") is asked hundreds of times around the world daily. Are you prepared for the answer?

Although a children's book, the underlying purpose is to provide parents with the tools to determine if their fa...

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The adolescent stage can be very challenging, even for the most experienced dog owners, irrelevant of the dog's upbringing, breed or training history. In this episode, I refer to dogs that have had a traditional upbringing - that of the same home since puppyhood and exposed to socialization, non-aversive training, and positive experiences.  When these dogs suddenly rebel and seemingly forget everything they learn, it is common ...

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Street Dogs in Costa Rica learn many skills to survive. In this ep, I talk about my findings on a study on how they read and decipher street lights.  I provide info on how to recognize and harness these cognitive skills when adopting dogs from the street. 

I follow this with a story on how I got one of my Mexi-Rescues and how it brings to light the question as to why some dogs can survive on the street and some not-so-much.   


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Welcome to our first mid-month episode where I provide insight and info on dog behavior, followed by an guest speaker who is in an expert in their field. 

Let's talk about Anxiety Rehabilitation!  Conventional methods, ones common in mainstream dog training, adhere to the principles of Conditioning Methodologies. They are intentionally designed to teach and encourage expected behaviors, and prevent unwanted behaviors, making th...

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This episode was inspired by a ClubHouse Chat with the Director of the Thinking Dog Centre and Asst Prof at Hunter College, Sarah Byosiere, who talked about cognitive abilities in dogs and puppies. I often get asked why I do not work with puppies - find out why!  How are the cognitive skills of puppies harnessed and applied differently to that of dogs?

Yup! Marc Bekoff sent me an email about his new book - get the scoop on ...

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Adopting a dog is rewarding, but can be challenging due to inherent stress.  A reaction to stress is, as with humans, not eating, which can be scary! Common techniques often fail because they are not addressing the reason - in other words, we need to find the reason to determine solution. What if the dog is not stressed? What if their are no physical ailments?  Maybe the solution requires logic and an understanding of how dog's...

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This ep. is all about reading and understanding our dogs, respecting their needs, and adapting to their personalities and they grow and change.

Liz Murdoch is an animal communicator with a passion for helping people bond and understand their pet on a whole new level. This is a great chat full of surprising tidbits of info.

I follow this with three examples of feedback I received from the challenge from last month's ep. (insertin...

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This is THE episode where I reveal a platform exercise, and, well, it is pretty simple - all that is required is for your dog to enjoy going for a walk!

And speaking of, we have Kerry Cooke, creator of Spleash, as our featured guest talking about her hot product that will make your walks and hikes with your dog a safe and easy. Kerry is passionate about helping survivors of domestic abuse, which lead to the creation of her product....

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A listener, who is a scientist, asked a great question - "Can positive reinforcement training reach the cognitive side of the brain?" Great question. I had to think about this and am excited to share my thoughts.

We then explore Canine Enrichment exercises, their benefits, and if they reach the cognitive side of the brain.

I then use an example provided by a professor as to what CBT is and how it is like making soup!

I was re...

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Billie uses 4 scientific studies on dog cognition to explain why we need a method grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy to address a common unwanted behavior in dogs over 6 months.

In this episode we explore four cognitive abilities by introducing the studies which prove dogs have these abilities. I discuss how these abilities, although considered positive, can cause common unwanted behaviors and why suppressing these skills can ...

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