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Health Mysteries Revealed with Dr. Ann Shippy - Wellness, Inc. with Dr. Mike Moreno

Wellness, Inc. with Dr. Mike Moreno

Typically, Dr. Mike talks about ways to optimize performance, build a healthy lifestyle, improve one's diet, and the latest cutting-edge health information.  Today, however, he talks about something deadly serious.  His guest was taken to the brink of death by something in her daily life she could not see, smell or hear.  As Dr. Ann Shippy's health declined to dangerous levels her doctors struggled to diagnose the cause until they looked into a toxic mold- but the story doesn't stop there.  Recovering from mold toxicity is half the battle and can't be taken for granted.  Dr. Shippy began a long, epic struggle to find her way back, leading to an incredible book called Shippy Paleo Essentials and the Mold Toxicity Workbook.  Dr. Shippy's harrowing experience helped her successfully treat near-fatal toxicity, neurological disorders, autoimmune disorders, infertility, and beyond. In this fascinating, essential episode, Dr. Mike and Dr. Shippy describe the warning signs and lay out the path to recovery from such serious and sometimes baffling conditions, and reveal the role diet, nutrition, and genetic predisposition play on the path to wellness.  Are you suffering from symptoms that can't be explained?  If you're ready for answers then start listening now.    https://annshippymd.com/ https://www.instagram.com/annshippymd/ https://www.facebook.com/AnnShippyMD/ https://twitter.com/AnnShippyMD https://www.facebook.com/17daydiet/  https://www.instagram.com/17daydiet/  https://www.youtube.com/drmikediet  https://www.pinterest.com/17daydiet/  http://stage29.tv/  https://www.instagram.com/stage29podcasts  https://twitter.com/stage29podcasts  https://www.facebook.com/Stage29Podcasts  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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Health Mysteries Revealed with Dr. Ann Shippy - Wellness, Inc. with Dr. Mike Moreno