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November 29, 2023 78 mins

Born in Anaheim, California, Lew Gallo, and his family moved to the San Francisco area when he was nine years old. The move was not unfamiliar to Lew and his siblings. His parents were known to take Sunday drives. As it would get later in the day and no sign of his parents, Lew’s oldest sister would start to cry but Lew was filled with excitement. This usually meant their parents had found a new home to buy, and for Lew, a new place to discover and new friends to make!

It is this excitement of discovery and anticipation of meeting new people that has only flourished with time. After visiting Los Cabos on a quick weekend getaway with friends, Lew was captivated by the beauty of the ocean, terrain, and people of Baja Sur. The practically perfect weather and delicious cuisine only added to its allure. Lew went home, gave his notice at work, and was living in Cabo 3 months later.

Now, with 4+ years of living the Cabo life, Lew has become known for bringing people together and sharing his love for all that is Cabo. He has earned a reputation for taking exceptional care of the buyers and sellers he represents, making sure to go the extra mile to get the best deal possible. Whether it’s a high-rise condo or a high-end beachfront property, Lew knows the ins and outs of Los Cabos and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Before entering real estate, Lew had a successful furniture and interior design career focusing on superior quality and unique sustainable design. He has a discerning eye for architecture and an appreciation of community. Combine that with a genuine concern for people and an ability to hear their specific needs and wants, and you see what drives Lew to be the best at what he does.

Lew has had the opportunity to travel the world for both work and pleasure. For his design work, he spent a lot of time in Asia and Europe. During this time, he found a deep love for Vietnam and considered living there at one point. Luca Italy was also on his list of places to live but since his parents were getting up there in age, he wanted to focus on places closer to the US. After crossing PV and PS off of his list, he discovered San Jose del Cabo and knew he found his new home.
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 El Pescadero, Mexico:

  • Population: 4,245 (2020)
  • Geography: Located on the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico, about 8 kilometers south of Todos Santos and one hour north of Cabo San Lucas.
  • Climate: Hot and dry summers, mild winters. Average temperature: 22°C (72°F).
  • LGBTQ+ community: El Pescadero is a relatively accepting community for LGBTQ+ people. There are a few gay-owned businesses in town, and the annual Chili and Strawberry Festival is a popular event for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Cost of living: The cost of living in El Pescadero is lower than in most other parts of Mexico. A couple can live comfortably on a budget of around $1,500 USD per month.

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