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March 4, 2022 9 mins
Welcome back to Who Are These Startups. Podcast shorts featuring founders of Canadian startups, hosted by the Startup Coach. This episode features uCast with Rand Abous Ras. —— Who Are These Investors Podcast Startup Talk Podcast Register for Startup and Entrepreneur Events here TorontoStarts Entrepreneur and Startup Community Angel Investor List Venture Capital List Join us on Reddit TorontoStarts YouTube Channel Starting A Business in Ontario: A Resources Guide For Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Scaleups Startup Pricing Strategies The Startup List Monthly Entrepreneur & Startup Investor Speed Dating Join us for Startup Pitch Battle uCast on Who Are These Startups Transcript (Automated) Startup Coach: Welcome to who are these startups podcast shorts, featuring founder interviews of Canadian startups. Welcome back to who are these startups? I'm your host. The founder of Toronto starts one of the largest startup communities in Canada. And with me today is Rand of uCast welcome Rand. Rand Abou Ras: I'm doing great. Startup Coach: Let's jump right into it. What does uCast do? Rand Abou Ras: So we are a marketplace and ad management platform that helps connect podcasters and brands who want to advertise on audio platforms. And we do all host read ads and our main revenue stream is through CPM and CPA campaigns. Startup Coach: What is uCast startup story? Rand Abou Ras: I started podcasting a really long time ago. I started, when I moved to Canada, I started getting featured on platforms like globe and mail CBC, a lot of other, you know, Toronto news outlets. And the title was always no Syrian refugee does this or Syrian refugee does that? It was tokenizing. I really didn't like the way it was portrayed. I actually tried taking the stories down. They wouldn't agree. They said to you. No, this is the story that we got, and this is the headline that we're running with. Take it or leave it. And so the first time I went on a, actually on a CBC based podcast called fresh air to talk about it. And that was like the first, the first exposure to podcasting that I ever got. And then. We really liked it. I started podcasting on my own. It was just as a hobby. I'm really nothing serious. Um, but when you're in podcasting, you very quickly understand the, the, the, the setbacks of the podcasting world or the industry. So I started doing these different product mock ups, cause I have a product design background or user experience design background. And so I would create these like different product mock-ups and these are flows and I would post them on Reddit. Discord podcasting communities. And I would just let people, you know, vote for whichever solution they like. And eventually the idea of podcast monetization for the long tail was the one that everybody was interested in. So I said, Hey, let's, let's try doing it. I contacted a very good friend of mine. Who's a software engineer. His name is Daniel Martinovich and he's now my co-founder and we started building EUCAST and, uh, that's how we started. Startup Coach: What drives you? Rand Abou Ras: Honestly, my love for product more than anything, a lot of people, you know, have that, that passion about their startup. Uh, but to me, it's my passion for, for product, really, for innovation, for creativity. Um, my ability to just wake up in the morning, talk to customers, understand what, you know, what, what is, what is their setbacks? What is their pain points? And being able to design that process to me that. I love doing that more than anything. So yeah, that's what drives me. Startup Coach: How do you define success? Rand Abou Ras: Honestly, I define success by your failures and I'll, I'll explain what that means. So, you know, if you've, if you've had somewhat of a successful life, but your entire life has been. Quote unquote successful.
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