Yo Quiero Dinero: Personal Finance For the Modern Latina •

42. Why Investing Is A Revolutionary Act For Marginalized Communities | Georgiy Roykhman of Funancialism

Yo Quiero Dinero: Personal Finance For the Modern Latina

Georgiy Roykhman, better known as Funancialism is a behavioral analyst, social media content creator and Youtube influencer that believes financial health needs to be prioritized. Georgiy is a refugee from the former Soviet Union. He learned his first lessons about investing while playing the trading card game Yu-Gi-Oh! He came to the realization that almost every inch of our institutions AVOID teaching about finances such as how terrible credit card debt is or how investing works. Funancialism believe this is an unintentional design which perpetuates so much inequality in our society. Knowledge is half the battle, institutional change is needed – but can we really just wait around until the government changes to become more inclusive? It's up to individuals to find communities (or even create communities) that teach about investing, money hacks, and how to get financially healthy. You can find Funancialism on Youtube and Instagram!

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