YOGA PODCAST | Yoga Talk Show by YOGABODY & Lucas Rockwood

YOGA PODCAST | Yoga Talk Show by YOGABODY & Lucas Rockwood

Yoga students love this no-nonsense show featuring experts in yoga, nutrition, and alternative health. Each episode includes a deep dive into listeners' questions and concludes with cutting-edge nutritional advice on vegan nutrition, raw food, plant-based diets, nutritional supplements and everything else of interest to mind-body bio-hackers worldwide. Hosted by, Lucas Rockwood, founder of,, and the creator of Show More

After the age of 40, there is less space between your spinal vertebrae than when you were 20. This steady degeneration of tissues happens predictably but can be exacerbated by weight, high stress, extreme athletics, and even accidents. Aside from the natural wear and tear on our joints, many people also suffer from autoimmune attacks which affect the soft tissues, causing pain, inflammation, and even deformity in extreme cases. We’re talking about arthritis. And, not surprisingly, yoga can be a very effective management strategy for anyone with these problems.

On this week’s show, we’ll help define and understand the many different conditions of arthritis, and we’ll explore ways to reduce and even eliminate symptoms through movement.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How “arthritis” is a general term for hundreds of conditions
  • The difference between wear and tear joint degeneration vs. autoimmune conditions
  • Why knees, hips, and low back are the most problematic
  • How x-rays and scans can give insight into joint-space narrowing
  • The risk of rheumatoid cachexia that includes muscle loss
  • Responsible use of cortisone, ibuprofen, and other medications
  • Why strong quads can add years of life to your knees  

    Dr. Steffany Moonaz founded Yoga for Arthritis after eight years at Johns Hopkins University where she studied the effects of yoga for people living with arthritis. She now serves as the Director of Clinical and Academic Research at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, which offers the nation's only Masters of Science in Yoga Therapy.

    She continues to conduct research on the effects of yoga for chronic pain and joint conditions, and she mentors yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and emerging researchers. She is passionate about ensuring that yoga practices are safe, welcoming, and appropriate for people with arthritis nationwide.

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  • Steffany’s Book
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  • Sllimming Tea
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