Going Pro Yoga Podcast

Going Pro Yoga Podcast

For aspiring yoga teachers who want to develop their craft with integrity and authenticity. We’ve created this podcast to help supplement Yoga Teachers who graduated from a YTT and don’t feel confident going out into the real world to teach. Topics include real-talk about yoga in the real world: • Sequencing, teaching methodology, and the business of yoga; • Anatomy, biomechanics, and safe practice; • Philosophy, ethical and legal considerations; • And much more... Co-hosted by: Michael Henri, RYT 400, MPty, BHK Paul Teodo, E-RYT 500 Byron de Marsé, E-RYT 500


May 19, 2022 2 min

Important announcement from Michael Henri and the GPY Team.

Going Pro Yoga Platform: https://goingproyoga.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goingproyoga/

From Paul, Byron and Michael



About Going Pro Yoga:

Going Pro Yoga is the first platform dedicated to supporting teachers in furthering their education and helping you transfer what you learn to the ‘real world’ of yoga immediately so that your confidence and yo...

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Do you want to incorporate the breath more into your yoga teaching?

Or do you just want to better understand how breathing works, and how it benefits us?

In this episode, Michael covers all the aspects of breathing relating to yoga.

He discusses how we breathe, the basic science and understanding of the body parts involved in breathing, and how we can use different techniques to affect our breathing patterns.

He also details the be...

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April 28, 2022 22 min

Do you need to be Vegan to be a true Yogi?

And why do yoga teacher trainings often implement a strictly vegan or vegetarian diet?

In this episode, we discuss veganism and how it ties into the yogic principle of Ahimsa (non-violence).

We hear both Byron and Michael’s own personal views and backgrounds.

And the ethical or moral aspect and understanding of Ahimsa and how that relates to a vegan or non-vegan diet.

Plus they discuss the...

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Have you ever wondered if you have good or bad karma?

Or maybe you want to know how yoga and karma are related to one another?

Well in today’s episode we are discussing all things karmic.

We delve into a philosophical approach to dissect what karma really is.

And Byron even channels his inner Sadhguru to share his full karmic wisdom and knowledge.

We also discuss the links and relations between yoga and karma to bring it full circl...

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Have you ever had to deal with a student suffering from trauma or PTSD in your yoga class?

Or do you want to overcome your own trauma safely through your own yoga practices?

In this episode Anthea shares her experiences, knowledge, and guidance on teaching yoga in a trauma-informed way.

She explains how and why these tips and cues can help students managing with different types of traumas.

Plus delivers some incredibly practical te...

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Are you wanting to become a full-time professional, and successful yoga teacher?

We have two highly experienced and successful studio teachers in Paul and Byron.

Who have both taught in the top studios in both LA and Bali.

They are sharing their advice, insights, and tips for how to become highly employable as a yoga teacher!

In this very valuable episode, they discuss student success stories, self-promotion, and how they grew thei...

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Have you ever wanted to run your own yoga retreats?

Or maybe you’ve been on a retreat and had an amazing experience, and are curious to know what goes into making that happen?

In this episode, Paul and Byron discuss some of the best tips and tricks on how to successfully lead a yoga retreat.

They share some wonderful wisdom for new yoga teachers wanting to run retreats.

Tips on demographics, how to attract students, price points, a...

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How can you decide what yoga teacher training is the right one for you?

With so many trainings and teachers these days, it’s very hard to tell the difference between a great training, and a bad training.

With the return of Paul Teodo to the podcast, we discuss the very valuable topic of teacher trainings and mentors.

We talk about the value of experience versus certifications.

Why there are many low-quality yoga trainings existing ...

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Do you want to transform your life, correct bad habits, and overcome your negative beliefs?

What if we told you that it is as simple and easy as listening to some positive affirmations for a few minutes each day…

That is exactly what we are discussing in this podcast episode with Jaeden Schafer!

Jaeden is the creator of the Selfpause app, which provides positive affirmations and meditations.

It even lets you create your own persona...

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Do you find yourself making negative self-talk or using negative language?

Then you should listen to this episode and learn about how the language you use can have a direct impact on your emotions and mindset.

We also discuss how language has a huge influence when teaching yoga.

Every aspect of it, from tone to volume, and to the actual choice of words themselves.

Just by changing your language, you can change the energy and tone o...

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Do you struggle with motivation and inspiration?

Well, we have an awesome bio-hack that can help you shift your feelings and mindset.

It’s all about shifting your physiology!

In this episode, we discuss how your physiology has an impact on your feelings and thoughts.

And by changing your physiology (getting up and moving) you can interrupt and change your feelings towards what you want them to be.

If you sometimes struggle to get o...

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February 24, 2022 26 min

Do you want to attract and manifest money, joy, love or anything you want into your life?

What if we told you it was all possible just by one simple law…

The law of attraction!

In this episode, we discuss the fundamental ideas and principles of the law of attraction.

We talk about how gratitude plays a key role in allowing us to gradually attract what we want.

And how emotions, both negative and positive will affect what you attrac...

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Have you ever wondered about the impact porn and masturbation is having on your sex life?

Or maybe you’re curious about the yoga principles of storing up your sexual energy, and awakening your kundalini?

In this episode, we are diving deep into the sensitive and taboo subject of sexual dysfunction with the expertise of Eric Lougheed.

Eric is a coach that helps men resolve their erectile dysfunction naturally and is the founder of M...

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Do you struggle to maintain a healthy balance of Masculinity and Femininity?

Regardless of your gender, there are moments in life where we tend to lean more towards one versus the other.

Typically in a working environment, Masculinity becomes dominant.

In this episode, we discuss all aspects of what Masculinity and Femininity is and the best practices for creating balance in your life.

If you’re keen to find more balance in your li...

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January 27, 2022 20 min

Do you struggle to maintain discipline in your yoga practice?

Today we are discussing all the aspects of discipline and how it relates to your yoga practice and yoga teaching.

We discuss the difference between discipline and integrity.

How discipline has both positive and negative connotations.

And we talk about the flip side of discipline; compulsiveness, impulsiveness, and going with the flow.

We take some time to dissect the min...

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January 20, 2022 17 min

In today’s episode, we are exploring flow state, what it is, and how to access it…

We start by explaining what flow state is.

What it feels like, and what helps Michael to achieve flow state.

We also discuss how flow state is a bit subjective, it can be different for everyone, and that it’s not just linked to creativity.

We of course discuss flow state in yoga, and yoga teaching, and how the breath helps us to find focus.

Best of a...

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In this episode, we get some incredibly valuable advice and insights from Rusty Price on trauma in its many forms.

We discuss the different ways that trauma occurs, shows up, and can impact your life.

And importantly we talk about how that comes into the yoga classrooms, and how it can affect you as a yoga teacher.

Rusty shares his experiences, his background, and his professional expertise as a hypnotherapist, natural therapist, n...

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In the final part 3 episode about legos and egos, we dive deeper into the how and why we develop an ego in the first place.

Starting from childhood, and how our interactions, upbringing and society actually impact our egos development.

Michael shares a poignant story about him as a curious child, and how a singular interaction can/could have had an impact on his ego’s development.

We then get further into how your ego stops you fro...

Mark as Played

In this second episode on the ego, we dive into some of the more personal stories, experiences, and encounters we have had with our own egos.

Byron shares about his first meaningful interaction around his ego.

Which was in an acting class at a younger age.

We also dial it back to a more basic level of ego-based thoughts, like comparing ourselves to other yoga teachers.

Which Byron makes a bold claim about!

Yoga teachers are of cour...

Mark as Played

This is the first of 3 episodes where we break down the tricky topic of the ego!

The ego is something that comes up in yoga teacher trainings and around the subject of yoga often.

Because yoga is considered one of many paths to ego death.

In this episode we break down the origins of the word ego.

Whether it really is a bad or good thing, and the yogic approach to the ego.

We also share some pointers and tips on calling out and reco...

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