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The Great Resignation with Anastasia Valentine - You Own the Experience Podcast

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On this episode of the You Own The Experience podcast, Robert Mann and Lauren B. Jones rap about the Great Resignation and later are joined by Anastasia Valentine, President and Managing Partner of Resource 1, an Information Technology consulting firm that provides Staff Augmentation services to corporations across North America. While a tech stack expert, Valentine took this opportunity to continue the Great Resignation conversation which is a subject that has been on the minds of employers and recruiters in recent months.

Mann, Jones and Valentine share the causes behind the Great Resignation, the role of COVID in some of these contributing factors, and the opportunity that the situation presents. This isn’t actually the Great Resignation, they argue, but rather the Great Migration. People aren’t leaving jobs, they’re switching jobs, and if your company can position itself as a destination, you have the opportunity to capitalise on the now significant supply of available talent.

The trio also chats about:

  • How the Great Resignation has been caused by a generational change in the workforce.
  • The role of technology in offering the flexibility that today’s talent is searching for.
  • How small and minority-owned businesses could be included in the technology-driven future.
  • The dos and don’ts of Calendly links (in an at times spicy debate.)
  • Check out the episode to learn more.

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    The Great Resignation with Anastasia Valentine - You Own the Experience Podcast