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Building the people's lineup!48 min
NBA plays of the Day, Wide Receiver and Tight End breakdown!47 min
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NBA Lineups, NFL playoff lineups, and more!47 min
A big NBA slate for the return of Dane Martinez!47 min
Wild Card Weekend, Top QB plays, and more!59 min
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Too Many NBA games on a Hump Day!59 min
NBA Lineups, QB Wild Card choices, and more!47 min
NBA lineups, and are we playing Week 17?59 min
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Post-Christmas NBA lineups and more!59 min
The Night the Meek win DFS!57 min
NBA Lineups, and Week 16 skill spots!48 min
Fantasy Football Week 16 Championship Week0 sec
NBA Lineups and more!59 min
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Monday night NBA Lineups!59 min
Week 15: The People's Lineup!48 min
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NBA and the People's Lineup for Week 14!47 min
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NBA lineups & more!47 min
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NBA lineups, Injuries, and Week 10 Running Backs!47 min
Big NBA trade, NBA Lineups and more!47 min
NBA lineups & Mon-Thurs Lineups!47 min
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Halloween night in the NBA, QBs and more!47 min
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Week 8 WRs and NBA Lineups.47 min
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Week 2 Quarterbacks!47 min
Brady in New Orleans...2 min
Week 1 reactions, Monday Night values, and more!47 min
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Light slate, holiest of fantasy holidays, and more!48 min
Yankees bats tonight in #DFS2 min
Big nights fall, Weather Updates, and more!48 min
Morales an option at $2500?2 min
Weather issues, Lefty bats, and more!48 min
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The weekend in sports, top #DFS plays, and more!47 min
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Dodgers dominate, Weather Updates, and more!47 min
Stacks, Weather updates, and more!47 min
Wilmer!!!!2 min
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$3100 for Granderson?2 min
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Money winning time, weather updates, and more!45 min
Smoak 'em if ya got em!2 min
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Mojo Wojo!2 min
Cash Games, Team Kluber vs. Team Sale, Weather Updates, and more!45 min
Top of the lineup opportunity!2 min
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Darvish in Queens, Weather updates, lineups, and more!45 min
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Preseason NFL, #MLB slate, Sonny Gray, and more!46 min
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New rules at #DraftKings2 min
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Don't use players that just got traded tonight!2 min
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Tournament Plays, Ownership Ratings, and Winnings!43 min
Ownership Percentage, Home Run Rates, and Tournament Winnings!43 min
Fly Ball Rates, Dodgers, Angels, and More!43 min
FanDuel, Red Sox, Righty vs. Lefty, and DraftKings!42 min
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How do you handle the return of King Felix?3 min
Luis Severino, Sneaky Bats, and more!43 min
Jose Berrios, Manny Machado, Who to Stack, and more!43 min
Chris Sale, Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton and more!43 min
Sleepers, Run Production, Tampa Bay, and More!43 min
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Thames, Ground Ball Rates, Carpenter, and More!43 min
Pitcher Consistency, FanDuel, Bats Against, and More!43 min
DraftKings, Double Up, Tournament Selection, and More!44 min
Kevin Dams of GURU Elite joins the show!12 min
Kevin Dams of GURU Elite, Corey Kluber, Eric Sogard and more!44 min
Righty Bats, Big News, Volquez, and More!44 min
Righty Batting Averages, Scooter Gennett, and Kyle Schwarber43 min
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Cash Game Plays, On Base Percentage, and Upside!43 min
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Stephen Murphy CEO of Boom DFS12 min
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Orioles, Dodgers, Right Handed Bats, and More!43 min
Trout injury update, top plays for Memorial Day, Marlins stacks, and more!43 min
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Top DFS Lineups for the night in MLB, Tulo back, Coors Field affect, and more!43 min

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