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Karen Francisco - FWMN Interview 6/17/2016

June 17, 20166 min
Karen Francisco, Editorial Page Editor of the Journal Gazette joined Charly Butcher on "Fort Wayne's Morning News" to talk about this week's Perspective cover package about the Orlando shootings. One story is about how the attack was, first and foremost, an attack on the gay community. The writer argues that anti-gay rhetoric contributed to the terrorist's choice of targets: "Whatever his relationship to the Islamic State turns out to have been, his actions reveal him clearly to also have been a murderous homophobe." Another piece is from a local writer who is director of the Northeast Indiana Diversity Library, which is housed at IPFW's Helmke Library. He writes about the historic connection between homosexuality and hate, but also shares some history of the gay community in Fort Wayne, and the "safe places" that welcomed members of the LGBT community over the years.

They also have a Father's Day column looking at differences and similarities between Republican and Democratic dads, based on research from

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