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Ron Newton - FWMN Interview 5/9/2016

May 9, 20165 min
Success in the classroom is a lot different from success in the workplace. Millennials who are just graduating college need to be careful to avoid certain pitfalls when going in for that first job interview. Additionally, Millennials may be subject to specific stereotypes by potential employers. Know the product you are selling - You are the product. What are your personality traits and work styles? What are your talents and strengths? Are you a quick study? Can you compare your talents and experience to fit the description of the position? Do you fit into the management style of the company?Attitude is paramount - Am I flexible? Companies hire you for your attitude and are often willing to train you for the skills required in the position. The "entitled millennial" is already a pervasive stereotype among managers and later generations. The most important memory you want to leave behind is that you are positive, upbeat, capable & confident. Impress people with your attitude and you are halfway to your goal. A

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