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June 10, 2024 10 mins
Sherri Papini, who gained notoriety for faking her own kidnapping in 2016, has recently told her daughter that she is an author currently writing two books. This revelation was made during a supervised visitation with her children, as documented by a monitor. The supervised visitation report from January 17, 2024, was reviewed by PEOPLE and included in the ongoing divorce proceedings between Sherri and her estranged husband, Keith Papini.

During the visitation, Sherri was asked about her current occupation. She responded, "Well, like this place [a supervised visitation center] is very helpful for families, well mommy is building a foundation to help places like this more. Mommy is making a business that will be a foundation to help people." She continued to explain her new role as an author, stating, "Do you know what an author is? Mommy’s also an author now. She’s writing two books. I work lots of hours to write chapter books. So, when I tell you I’m working remotely, that means I’m at home writing chapters on my laptop.”

Sherri Papini's name became widely known in 2016 when she disappeared for 22 days, only to be found on a Sacramento highway with multiple injuries and weighing less than 90 lbs. She claimed she had been kidnapped by two Hispanic women while jogging, a story that garnered significant media attention and sympathy.

However, years of investigation into her disappearance led to a shocking revelation. Authorities discovered that Sherri had willingly stayed at an ex-boyfriend's home during the time she was missing. To make her kidnapping story believable, Sherri and her ex-boyfriend inflicted numerous injuries on her. In 2022, she was charged with lying to a federal officer and mail fraud.

In April 2022, Sherri pleaded guilty to the charges. Shortly after her guilty plea, Keith Papini filed for divorce and requested sole custody of their children. The couple's marriage was officially dissolved in May 2023. Sherri was sentenced to 18 months in prison but served less than a year.

The divorce proceedings revealed the impact of Sherri's deception on her family. In the 2023 filing, attorneys for Keith Papini stated, "For over five years, she abused her children and her husband by conning them into believing her lie and then forcing them to live with the fear resulting from their belief in her lie and played on their sympathies. Sherri Papini did not have the moral character to come to her family and confess her wrongdoing, rather she callously allowed them to learn the truth from the media when she admitted her lie in a federal court.”

Currently, Sherri has one-hour supervised visits with the two children she shares with Keith. During these monitored interactions, she has claimed to be focusing on her writing and building a foundation to support families in need. The accuracy of these claims remains uncertain, but they add another layer to the complex and controversial narrative of Sherri Papini's life.

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