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Episode 11: Aliens prefer chunky over smooth

April 11, 201615 min
It's episode 11 of Let Me Explain, looking at technology, space and peanut butter.

Are there wanted signs across the universe with a photo of our sun? If the scientists that ruined my childhood by demoting Pluto are correct, the mysterious Planet Nine may have been captured from another star. Some say it was stolen without any apology.

We also talk about someone that may or may not be an alien herself, Hillary Clinton, and the pandering to E.T. lovers. She's not fooling me.

There's some good news from Kepler. We're now in communication with it and hopefully back on track. It's lonely in space. It would be terrible if that heap of metal and ice had to travel alone.

Also, do aliens prefer chunky or smooth peanut butter? What if we weren't talking about peanuts, rather we were talking about people? A gym in England put up billboards that say, "They're coming... and when they arrive they'll take the FAT ones first."

Plus we look at security risks and why the U.S. Government is against

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