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Episode 13: Space Waste

April 25, 201616 min
My mom always told me to wear fresh underwear in case I'm abducted... hopefully by aliens and not angry conspiracy theorists for saying aliens don't actually exist.

Int his episode we continue to look at science, space, technology and some nonsense.

What's more likely - a meteorite traveled billions of miles across the universe to make you rich, or you have some furnace slag that you call a meteorite? That's what auctioneers and lunar geochemists have to go through every, kind of like the space version of Antiques Roadshow.

If I were to change careers, I would definitely be a space meteorologist. Thanks to new legislation introduced in the United States, we're going to do a better job at monitoring what's going to be threats from outside of this planet, mostly from our own sun. It might help prevent or lessen a world wide catastrophe by dodging the electronic and power issues of things like severe space weather.

Would you leave Earth if given a chance to live on Mars? You're not alone. A

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