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Episode 17: drone hunting

May 23, 201622 min
Is it open season on drone hunting? There's a good piece by the Wall Street Journal that gives both sides of the story regarding done flight in your neighbors of your private property.

I think you should have to get prior consent to fly a drone over private property... and if I catch someone trying to spy on me with one of these devices, you better believe I'm going to use something like a high pressured hose to scare it away. It's not worth having those annoying things over your private property doing anything it wants.

Gizmodo has a good write up on Facebook and what is considered trending. As it turns out, Facebook Trending is more of a suggestion than it is a literal thing.

What's the universal language among aliens? A meeting of the minds in Puerto Rico think it's less about wavelengths and more about what drives procreation. The scientific term, "it's all in the hips" means something completely different than what it means in golf.

Could we detect an alien megastructure around a far distant

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