Mags & Dad's Wholesome Chaos

Mags & Dad's Wholesome Chaos

During 2020, Maggie and her Dad became widely known for TikToks featuring their dances together, their comedic personalities, and their honest question and answer sessions which often ended up with one ... or both of them getting pushed into a cold pool! They both have diverse and unusual skill sets and continue to innovate content as they navigate very busy and productive lives. Their content is family friendly, advocating good values with great fun and incredible energy. Over and over in the comment sections of their videos, audiences from all over the planet express the sentiment, “I wish I had a relationship like that with my dad (and my daughter). Exactly HOW do you make that happen?” In their new podcast, entitled “Mags and Dad's Wholesome Chaos,” Mags and her Dad will reveal new elements to their backstories, secrets to their relationship success, and real, down-to-earth perspectives on life that will make you smile and help you “do life” with greater fun and confidence.


November 23, 2022 45 min
Show Notes:
00:00   Is this a sign?
01:35   When happy thoughts make you sad.
03:15   Fashion dog.
04:00   Dan’s sleep deprivation on display!
08:10   Just a “little workout” with Dan’s Arizona cousin, Brannon.
11:00   “Doctor Dan” gives Maggie advice on recovering from leg injury.
12:50   Maggie’s love/hate relationship with roller coasters.
15:53   New house, same Thurmon Thanksgiving.
17:31   Our deer neighbors.
18:13   So much...
Mark as Played
Show Notes: 00:00 Simon’s fortune cookie.
00:20 Daylight savings time pros and cons.
07:38 Maggie gets stank eye from a baby. 
11:24 Dan and Shay’s early parenting practice.
13:56 Listener question from Naomi about the lack of marriage role models.
19:52 Maggie’s thoughts on marriage based on her vast experience. ;)
23:41 Seeing “Ticket to Paradise” in theatre was so fun. 
26:30 Shay’s bestie, Toni, talking to the movie screen the ...
Mark as Played
Show Notes:
00:00    Listener warning – truthful conversations to follow about experiences with death and suicide beginning at 36:05 minutes into the podcast.

00:37     Halloween is exhausting, and Maggie’s glad it’s over!
03:06     Shay gets a semi-finalist award for her short film “Heir Mail.”
04:30     Giving out Halloween tricks and treats in the new neighborhood.
10:19       Mags and Jenna go to “Harryween” (and lose the car...
Mark as Played
Show Notes:
00:00               Mags brushing up on her HS Spanish – no requerdo.
01:39               Maggie’s innocent choreography to Chicago soundtrack.
08:17               Crocheting beats Halloween parties.
11:50               Social tips and trade-offs. Should I stay, or should I go? 
13:08               Introvert vs. Extrovert 
13:56               Wedding and funeral, same day.
19:13               “Giant children” at the wo...
Mark as Played
October 26, 2022 30 min
Show Notes:
00:00               Late night weather welcome.
02:00               Trivia Night, and Shay’s scorekeeper flashback. 
02:45               Letterman Jackets for everyone!
03:38               Maggie definitely didn’t letter in band.
04:18               Dad’s whirlwind trip to Los Angeles!
07:35               From the airport straight to Pickleball.
10:43               Google “nature near me.”
13:10               What happ...
Mark as Played
Show Notes:
00:00        Maggie’s wisdom teeth coming in sideways!
01:15         DJ Dan
02:25        Radio Mags
03:45        Shay’s “almost” DJ gig
05:17         Say “yes” to opportunities… unless you don’t want to.
06:25        The line between opportunities and obligations.
09:42        Dan’s take on exploring opportunities.
11:46         Dog Park Picnic.
15:15         Maggie and Blythe get big ego boost at screening of “Catherin...
Mark as Played
Show Notes:
00:00               Maggie’s diving videos from TikTok update.
03:27               Will Dan do tricks and treats for Halloween in new neighborhood?
06:50               When will Dan stop tumbling?
12:28               Mags’ friend’s dad and her dad going to the same conference!
14:00               A tip shay heard about leaking coffee cups. “The drinky part away from seam.” 
15:20               Book day. Delivery of 6,0...
Mark as Played
Show Notes:
00:00               Dan drops and does push-up for zoning out.
03:30               One of the best nights of Maggie’s life!
06:27               Mr. 305/Pitbull and Maggie’s search for bald caps.
18:38               Listener suggestion from Laura: Expanding to include a worldwide community.
19:15               Shay’s experience as a teenager living in Europe.
21:18               The unhealthy emotional roller coaster of...
Mark as Played
September 28, 2022 49 min
Show Notes:
00:00   Dog park friendships for Dan and Spencer. (02:49 dog park pics)
03:35   Shay’s still alive, and that’s okay.
04:06   Maggie at the mechanic: continuing car saga. 
08:45   Dan and Shay visit Eddie and Morgan during “Smoke Season.”
11:50   Entitlement or Impatience?
17:05   Our phone addictions and intentions to change it.
22:14   “Fundamental attribution error” “The curse of knowledge” and “Decline-ism”
36:43   ...
Mark as Played
Show Notes:
0:00     Flea Market cover charges.
02:25   The Porch Knight Gets Banished.
07:40   Neighborly Shay and her pumpkin patch.
12:07   Maggie’s “something’s wrong” story surprise.
16:55   Listener question: Michael’s question to Dan: How do I “appear more grown-up” to be taken seriously? 
20:30   Mags: If you’re doing a good job, it’s not on you. 
24:45   Michael’s question for Mags – How to get in the habit of reading the...
Mark as Played
Show Notes:
01:35​​Dressing for inside vs. outside.
03:12​​Working out at the Dog Pound without passing out.
07:02​​Purging and losing weight – from our stuff.
10:55​​Dan’s 1,000 catches a day routine.
12:40​​Mags ADR for her recent film.
16:50​​Maggie’s latest expression not ideal in all situations. Fire!
18:05​​Grandma joins the military at Uncle Teddy’s funeral.
21:38​​Mary Poppins strikes again.
22:55​​Still moving in and rear...
Mark as Played
September 7, 2022 41 min
Show Notes:
00:00   Mags changing hair color.
02:15   Dan’s habit of tossing family into the air.
03:49   Forgetting how to podcast.
06:00   The hiatus and Family Zoom calls.
09:30   Maggie’s blonde vs brunette theories.
15:40   Buying, selling and moving, oh my!
16:29   Maggie’s movie?
17:20   Writing a book takes longer than you’d think.
19:24   Maggie’s thoughts on writing a book.
21:55   Listener question from Teresa: What happ...
Mark as Played
June 29, 2022 46 min
Show Notes:
00:00​   Episode 52 and announcement about the podcast 01:00​   Have you seen the spoons? (Or, “The mystery of the silver where?”) 08:19​   Maggie’s crazy “Volcano Town” dream. Can you control dreams? 11:18​   How the podcast has affected family dynamics. 15:48​   Preview of musical Trading Places at the Alliance Theatre  directed by Kenny Leon, Book by Thomas Lennon and Music and Lyrics by Alan Zachary & Michael ...
Mark as Played
June 22, 2022 63 min
Show Notes: 01:19   You’re louder than you think! 03:43   Maggie’s birthday week. Reflecting on what to leave in the teen years and what she wants to become in her 20’s. 05:10   Jury Duty possibilities. 06:06   Eddie flew home to surprise Maggie for her birthday and visit our NC cabin one more time. 08:31   Home hits differently when you’re an adult. 13:40   Mags family birthday and Mitch. 15:11   The story of Motivation Point. 18:...
Mark as Played
Show Notes:  00:00   Podcasting before dashing to the airport! 02:15   Dan’s trip to LA: Groundlings show, moving Maggie into new apartment and pickleball. 08:34   What do you wear for Jury Duty?       09:36   Is it okay to crochet on a plane? 11:28   Stand-up night at Maggie’s new apt. 12:42   Maggie’s last podcast as a teenager. 14:03   Listener question from Tia about techniques to diffuse stress. 19:30   Mags and Dad pillow sho...
Mark as Played
Show Notes: 02:33   Mags starts a book club. 06:45   Mags’ first podcast from her now apt. 11:54    Dan reaches the 7 gallon mark! Donating blood in dorm room? 18:30   Watching “Back to the Future” on the back of Paramount Studios. 19:10    Movie at the cemetery. 24:20   Is there a booger in my video? 25:30   Dan looses a tooth on stage and the speech goes on! 35:19   What we know about “Knocker Uppers.” 40:10   Cars, pillows and S...
Mark as Played
Show Notes:

00:00   Waking up in a panic!

02:56   Mags’ new bed frame attacks her. (How many times do we call it a headboard?!)

05:12   On set for a music video – friends with “backstories" and a “mystery artist” to be named later.

05:57   The Ikea experience!

07:18   3 actors and a chef assemble a bed frame – and Maggie gets yelled at a lot.

12:25   Maggie gets Jury Duty for her birthday?

18:57   Maggie’s ...
Mark as Played
Show Notes: 00:00   Maggie’s moving! 04:20   Dan and the dogs out of sorts with Shay gone. 05:18   Disc golf baskets growing in the backyard. 06:12   Maggie’s trust issues with learning to throw a frisbee. 08:06   The rising reputation of the “the pickle ball group.” 12:00   Dan’s weekly video turns soggy! 15:14   Have you ever had a moment where you suddenly had no idea what was going on? 16:23   Mags’ “stand up” birthday party. 1...
Mark as Played
May 18, 2022 45 min
Show Notes: 02:30​   Mags’ directing debut in her Target Ball TikTok . 05:07​   Dan getting up early and being weird.  06:30​    Segueing.  10:01​   Unicycling is a productive way to exercise. 11:34​   Mags’ game of singles – the sport, not relationships.​ 13:21   ​Hobnobbing and elbow tapping in We-Ho and No-Ho. 18:17​   Listener question from Zane: Do you have any suggestions on how to meet people in LA? 22:23​   Dan and Shay tal...
Mark as Played
May 11, 2022 57 min
00:01   Dan saves the day! Or at least the earrings. 02:30   Mags steals a mug and might have to change her name to “Lindsay.” 07:32   Mags attends LA Kings party – food, skating, and surprise friends! 10:16   When Mags passed out at the ice skating rink. 14:07   The great mystery of why handwriting changes.   22:07   Mags’ crochet skills and secret project revealed! 28:17   Dad speaks at the incredible “Day of Excellence” in Rapid...
Mark as Played

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