Tell Me About Your Mother

Tell Me About Your Mother


Best of TMAYM, with Ashley C. Ford, Porochista Khakpour, Rebecca Traister, Aparna Nancherla, and more

December 10, 201837 min

37 min
What Amy Roost Learned from Her Mom about Civil Rights, Keeping Quiet, Parenting, and More

November 9, 201847 min

47 min
Jenny Kaplan and Her Mom Kathy Manninng on the New "Year of the Woman"

November 7, 201815 min

15 min
Author Rebecca Traister on Living Feminist Ideals and Who's Allowed to Have a Temper

October 9, 201825 min

25 min
Giphy's Stephanie Weber on Growing Up with a Single Mom Who Taught Her to Navigate Tech, Know Her Worth, and Never Fake an Orgasm

September 30, 201827 min

27 min
Ski Mountaineer Hilaree Nelson (O'Neil) on How Her Mom Inspired Her to Climb Mountains

September 21, 201815 min

15 min
Storyteller Emily Zulauf on Moving Closer to Her Mom, and Why Every Parent Should Have the Race Talk

September 15, 201857 min

57 min
Amy Westervelt on the Mom Who Started It All

September 7, 201840 min

40 min
Writer Sarah Miller on Narcissism, Emotional Distance, and the Unrealistic Expectations We Put on Moms

August 31, 201839 min

39 min
Season 2, Episode 9: Journalist Maya Francis on What Her Mom Has Taught Her About Being a Working Mom and a Black Woman Who Owns Her Story

April 9, 201847 min

47 min

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Your mom is likely the first female role model you had--good or bad. Our relationships with our mothers have an impact on us, and that's especially true for women. In Tell Me About Your Mother, journalist Amy Westervelt talks to a variety of women about what their mothers taught them, connecting these personal histories to the broader story of the evolving roles, expectations and opportunities for modern women.... Show More

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