Emotional Wisdom Training
Prominent quests including doctors from health, wellness and coaching industry share resources, materials and methods for personal and professional success. Gathering information regarding the conscious body, subconscious mind and unconscious heart leads to positive choices and a more aligned intuition. Experts lend their experiences in a casual conversational form that is thought provoking and inspirational. Neuro Linguistic Programming is a prominent focus to each conversation.
Self Esteem Personal Reinvention

May 31, 201649 min

49 min
Making Dreams During Sleep To Live For

May 31, 201649 min

49 min
Julie A Jones Showing Up No Matter What

May 31, 201651 min

51 min
Reacting To Tragedies Near Home

October 9, 201551 min

51 min
Womans Cancer And Heart attack Survival

October 9, 201550 min

50 min
Embrace Your Passion, Purpose and Magic

September 18, 201551 min

51 min
Resurrecting Life with Aligned Recovery.

September 18, 201549 min

49 min
Functional Medical Health Team Dr. Flory

September 18, 201555 min

55 min
Marcia Weider Wealthy Visionary Souls

August 19, 201551 min

51 min
Glowing Skin From Healthy Living Choices

August 19, 201546 min

46 min