The Butterfly Moment on Empower Radio
WHAT IS THE BUTTERFLY MOMENT? It is the classic QUANTUM LEAP in personal growth! As life energies slowly break loose the caterpillar from the cocoon, something truly incredible occurs. The caterpillar suddenly realizes that the darkness and despair it has experienced in the cocoon was no longer its reality. The caterpillar is... a Butterfly! It is one of the most beautiful insects in the world... Best of all it can fly. John Schalter and Carrie Hall bring you guests who will inspire you to break through any obstacles in you life so that you too can live the life of your dreams!

The Eimers Foundation with Robby Eimers

May 17, 201626 min
When Robby Eimers, age 13, was 9 years old , he had his butterfly moment on a drive down to Detroit with his grandmother and one of her friends to drop off a couple of coats and blankets to a homeless shelter. When Robby saw how many homeless people there were, it shocked him and made him so sad he decided he must do something to help. He has been giving meals, clothes, and more every week for 5 years now. Robby calls what he does "Sharing" and the homeless his "Friends". Robby has worked hard towards his many goals and recently reached a big one, The Eimers Foundation has obtained its 501.(c)(3) Status. Now he hoping to be able to apply for grants and get Corporate donations.