Ep. 16 - Visit from Mom w/Kate Spencer (The Dead Moms Club)62 min
Ep 15 - Lights and Sounds w/Julie Brister (Goliath)65 min
Ep. 14 - Mama w/Marilyn Jarreau (Marcy's Mom)63 min
Ep. 13 - Spooks/Ghosts/UFOs, You Name It w/Lucas Held (The Eric Andre Show)82 min
Ep. 12 - Theaters Are Always Haunted w/John Flynn (Moth GrandSlam Winner)54 min
Ep. 11 - My Father, A Robot w/ Codi Fischer (UCB)71 min
Ep. 10 - For the Skeptics w/Mark Rennie (Gay of Thrones)54 min
Ep. 9 - Was I Possessed? w/Deborah Baker Jr. (Stan Against Evil)62 min
Ep. 8 - A Hag's Visit w/Aubrey Plaza (Legion, Parks and Recreation)69 min
Ep. 7 - Room For One More w/Humphrey Ker (Curb Your Enthusiasm)45 min
Ep. 6 - No Feet w/Allison Miller (Incorporated, Devil's Due)56 min
Ep. 5 - The Devil's Eyes w/Matt Quezada (Veep/The Good Place)53 min
Ep. 4 - Dad's Premonition w/D'Arcy Carden (A Good Place)50 min
Ep. 3 - A Monster in the Doorway w/Mano Agapion (Bajillion Dollar Propertie$)49 min
Ep. 2 - Whispers w/Mary Holland (Veep)45 min
Ep. 1 - A Lifetime of Ghosts w/Yamara Taylor (Black-ish)47 min

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