Ep. 67 - Casting a Heist Movie (with Sean Jordan, Jake Weisman, and Matt Ingebretson from Corporate!)103 min
Ep. 65 - Movie Quotes (with Sean Jordan, Chris Charpentier, and Zak Toscani)123 min
Ep. 64 - 2017 Pop Culture (with Allison Herman, Sean Jordan, and David Gborie)152 min
Ep. 63 - Mikes (with Zach Harper, Jason Concepcion, and David Gborie)99 min
Ep. 62 - Day Off (with Zak Toscani, Sean Jordan, and David Gborie)107 min
Ep. 60 - Dating (with Nicole Byer, David Gborie, and Amy Miller)146 min
Ep. 60- Soft Rock Bangers (with Sean Jordan, David Gborie, and Jamel Johnson)115 min
Ep. 59 - Mailbag (with Sean Jordan and David Gborie)61 min
Ep. 58 - Fictional Characters You'd Want to Date (with Miel Bredouw, Zak Toscani, and M.K. Paulsen)134 min
Ep. 57 - Dynamic Duos (with Sean Jordan and David Gborie)129 min
Ep. 56 - People You'd Want On Your Side of a Fight (with Kyle Kinane, Sean Jordan, and David Gborie)120 min
Ep. 55 - TV Theme Songs (with Sean Jordan, David Gborie, and Solomon Georgio)132 min
Ep. 54 - What To Do with a Billion Dollars (with Sean Jordan, David Gborie, and Zak Toscani)133 min
Ep. 53 - Scary Movies (with Chris Cabin, Eric Szyszka & Stephen Sajdak of We Hate Movies)123 min
Ep. 52 - Kanye (with Marcella Arguello, Sean Jordan, and David Gborie)116 min
Ep. 51 - Treats (with Shane Torres, Sean Jordan, David Gborie and Saint Sue Karmel.)112 min
Ep.50 - Sport Nicknames (with Sean Jordan, David Gborie, and Rhea Butcher)127 min
Ep: 49 - Music Videos to Live in (with Sean Jordan, David Gborie, and Miel Bredouw)130 min
Ep. 48 - One Word Movies (with Jensen Karp, Sean Jordan and David Gborie)126 min
Ep. 47 - Good Feelings (with Jake Hurwitz, Amir Blumenfeld and David Gborie)121 min
Ep. 46 - Masterpieces (with Casey Ley and Louie Waymouth)149 min
Ep. 45 - A Sandwich (with Sean Jordan and David Gborie)99 min
Ep. 44 - Pet Peeves (with Sean Jordan and Shane Torres)126 min
Ep. 43 - Movies That Make You Cry (with Shane Torres, Zak Toscani and Amy Miller)121 min
Ep. 42 - Food Court (with Katherine Spiers and Andrew Ti)124 min
Ep. 41 - Things That Are Good Actually (with Sean Jordan, David Gborie and Solomon Georgio)132 min
Ep. 40 - Summer (with Sean Jordan, Zak Toscani and Mike Mulloy)113 min
Ep. 39 - Karaoke Jams (with Bri Pruett, Sean Jordan and David Gborie.)138 min
Ep. 38 - Words That You Think Make You Sound Smart (with Sean Jordan, David Gborie and Zak Toscani)89 min
Ep. 37 Summer Jams (with Sean Jordan, David Gborie and Miel Bredouw)120 min
Ep. 36 Band Names (with Sean Jordan, David Gborie and Chris Charpentier)111 min
Ep. 35 Athletes With Whom You'd Like to Spend a Friday Night (with Megan Gailey and Mike Mulloy.)106 min
Ep. 34 Holidays (with Jake Hurwitz, Amir Blumenfeld and David Gborie.)115 min
Ep. 33 - Sidekicks (with Phoebe Bottoms and Alex Falcone)112 min
Ep. 32 - Cereal (Live and Hungover at Bridgetown with Sean Jordan, Dulce Sloan and Anthony Lopez.)103 min
Ep. 31 - Parts of Songs That Give You Goosebumps (with Eliza Skinner and Miel Bredouw)123 min
Ep. 30 - Condiments (with Amy Miller, Sean Jordan and David Gborie)137 min
Ep. 29 - Casting a mob movie (with Mike Mulloy, Zak Toscani and Sean Jordan)103 min
Ep. 28 - One Hit Wonders (with Miel Bredouw, David Gborie and Sean Jordan)125 min
Ep. 27 - Stuff to do When You're Drunk (with Sean Jordan and David Gborie)76 min
Ep. 26 - Countries For Fleeing (with Billy Wayne Davis, David Gborie and Sean Jordan)125 min
Ep. 25 - Chicken (with Andrew Ti, Kaseem Bentley and David Gborie)119 min
Ep. 24 - Super Groups105 min
Ep. 23 - Entourages (with Zak Toscani, David Gborie and Sean Jordan)90 min
Ep. 22 - Pop Music Divas (with Megan Gailey, Sean Jordan and David Gborie.)126 min
Ep. 21 - Taco Bell (with Sean Jordan and David Gborie)89 min
Ep. 20 - Casual Dining Restaurants (with Amy Miller and Sean Jordan)64 min
Ep. 19 - Garbage Food (with Shane Torres, Sean Jordan and David Gborie.)89 min
Ep. 18 - Rap Crews (with Open Mike Eagle, Jeff Weiss and David Gborie)141 min
Ep. 17 - Famous Animals (with Miel Bredouw and John McKay)87 min
Ep. 16 - 2016 Pop Culture (with Alison Herman, Eliza Skinner and Sean Jordan)159 min
Ep. 15 - Christmas Songs! (w/ Sean Jordan, Becky Robinson and John McKay)118 min
Ep. 14 - TV Shows That Never Won an Emmy (with Sean O'Connor and Nate Fernald.)107 min
Ep. 13 - Movies Featuring an Academy Award Nominee with a Rotten Tomatoes Score under 30% (feat. Zach Harper, Sean Jordan and David Gborie)100 min
Ep. 12 - Cities for a Weekend (With David Gborie and Sean Jordan)137 min
Ep. 11 - Sports Movies121 min
Ep. 10 - Video Games98 min
Ep. 09 - The 90s140 min
Ep. 08 - The Mall117 min
Ep. 07 - Candy109 min
Ep. 06 - Celebrity Sex Tapes80 min
Ep. 05 - Monsters83 min

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