Ep 127: The Return of Chris Gordon68 min
Ep 126: My Date Disrespected Me67 min
Ep 125: Feeling Used64 min
Ep 124: I Need Some Space59 min
Ep 123: The Healthisode69 min
Ep 122: I Didn't Mean To Say I Love You68 min
Ep 121: I'm Giving Up On Dating68 min
Ep 120: Rebecca Kohler Is Here!!!83 min
Ep 119: Regretisode76 min
Ep 118: Put The Pussy On A Pedestal64 min
Ep 117: How To Be Bomb In Bed62 min
Ep 116: Issa Summer Fling Thing85 min
Ep 115: My Bestie Is In A Relationship!62 min
ep 114: Sexual Hangups69 min
Ep 113: Have the Best First Date Ever81 min
Ep 112: Odd Jobs and Getting Unstuck67 min
Ep 111: Go Grant Gordon77 min
Ep 110: I Have Social Anxiety69 min
Ep 109: Would We Try Polyamory?4 min
Ep 108: The Episode Where We Talk About Drugs67 min
Ep 107: My Girlfriend Hates My Friends66 min
Ep 106: Making Love vs. Fucking68 min
Ep 105: I Like Someone That's Already Taken73 min
Ep 104: More Than Skin Deep65 min
Ep 103: Trying Too Hard78 min
Ep 102: Chris Gordon Is Back (With Special Guest Chris Gordon)66 min
Ep 101: I'm Dating A Good Guy And I'm Miserable63 min
Ep 100: 100th Episode Extravaganza68 min
Ep 99: The Religion Episode67 min
Ep 98: Social Media Do's and Don'ts73 min
Ep 97: Love Your Damn Self65 min
Ep 96: I'm Still Not Over My Ex70 min
Ep 95: Baby Mama Drama71 min
Ep 94: Matt O'Brien's Here71 min
Ep 93: Should I Stay Friends With My Ex?75 min
Ep 92: The Worst Valentine's Day Ever!!!73 min
Ep 91: Gay In LA (Part II) With Special Guest Henry Crouch87 min
Ep 90: Dealing With Depression85 min
Ep 89: High School Horror Stories93 min
Ep 88: How Do I Find Happiness?73 min
Ep 87: My Past Relationship Is Ruining My Life65 min
Ep 86: I'm Jealous Of My Best Friend68 min
Ep 85: New Year New Me (With Special Guest Debra DiGiovanni)79 min
Ep 84: Christmas Horror Stories75 min
Ep 83: Alone For The Holidays58 min
Ep 82: I'm Dating Someone Older Than Me70 min
Ep 81: I'm In Love With My Best Friend67 min
Ep 80: I Haven't Dated For 16 Years72 min
Ep 79: I'm Packing Up My Shit And Getting Out of Here75 min
Ep 78: How Can I Stop Fucking Up My Own Life?84 min
Ep 77: Should I Have Casual Sex? (With Special Guest Amir Blumenfeld)70 min

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