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There’s more news and less comprehension today than any historical period that didn’t involve literal witch trials, and trying to stay on top of it all can feel like playing a game of telephone with 30 people, except everyone’s speaking at the same time and like a third of them are openly racist for some reason. From Cracked co-founder Jack O’Brien, THE DAILY ZEITGEIST is stepping into that fray with some of the funniest and smartest comedic and journalistic minds around. Jack will spend up to an hour every weekday sorting through the events and stories driving the headlines, to help you find the signal in the noise, with a few laughs thrown in for free.

Ayo For Diet Yayo, New Slaves 8.22.18

August 22, 201868 min
In episode 217, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Jackie Rae Aubel to discuss Michael Cohen taking a plea deal, highlights from the MTV Video Music Awards, Trump's addiction to Diet Coke, QAnon supporters wanting to sue the mainstream media, ICE's true plan to strip immigrants of their citizenship, prisoners on strike for unpaid labor and poor prison conditions, Microsoft accusing Russians of attempting to hack right-wing think tanks, and more! FOOTNOTES:1. Trump’s Former Fixer, Michael Cohen, Reaches a Plea Agreement Over Payments to Women2. Body found in search for missing Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts, authorities say3. MTV VMAs 2018: The 15 Best and Worst Moments4. MTV VMAs: Madonna responds to 'self-indulgent' Aretha tribute5. VMAs: Kevin Hart faces boycott threats from Trump supporters after 'kneeling' jab6. The President Suffers From a Diet Coke Addiction, Owns 2 Guns and More Wackiness From Omarosa’s Book7. INSIDE TRUMP’S HOUR-BY-HOUR BATTLE FOR SELF-PRESERVATION8. Donald Trump Shouting ‘Get Me A Coke’ On Cohen Tape Sets Twitter Alight9. A Brief History of Donald Trump's Love Affair With Coca-Cola10. Diet Sodas Tied to Dementia and Stroke11. Reported link between diet drinks and dementia and stroke is weak12. President Trump Reportedly Drinks 12 Diet Cokes a Day. Here’s What That Does to Your Body13. QAnon Geniuses Ready To Sue 'The MSM' For Making Them Look Stupid :(14. Denaturalization, explained: how Trump can strip immigrants of their citizenship15. A Nazi War Crimes Suspect Has Been Deported From the U.S. to Germany16. Prisoners Launch National 19-Day Strike to Protest Unpaid Labor and Poor Prison Conditions17. Microsoft thwarts Russian attempts to hack right-wing US think-tanks18. WATCH: Onra - Secretly [Nobody Has To Know]Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at to learn about your ad choices when listening to podcasts, visit