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There’s more news and less comprehension today than any historical period that didn’t involve literal witch trials, and trying to stay on top of it all can feel like playing a game of telephone with 30 people, except everyone’s speaking at the same time and like a third of them are openly racist for some reason. From Cracked co-founder Jack O’Brien, THE DAILY ZEITGEIST is stepping into that fray with some of the funniest and smartest comedic and journalistic minds around. Jack will spend up to an hour every weekday sorting through the events and stories driving the headlines, to help you find the signal in the noise, with a few laughs thrown in for free.

Sex Crim Out On Good Behavior, Trump Learned What Google Is 8.29.18

August 29, 201869 min
In episode 222, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and Bechdel Cast co-host Caitlin Durante to discuss the rise of consumer confidence, the popularity of unboxing videos, Louis C.K's return to the stage, Google searches about Trump, Lindsay Graham's current opinion on Jeff Sessions, the new 7-Eleven delivery app, how America uses it's land, how alcohol isn't healthy at all, and more!FOOTNOTES:1. US consumer confidence rises to 18-year high2. How Unboxing Videos Soothe Our Consumerist Brains3. Louis C.K. Performs Stand-Up Set at Club Since Admitting to #MeToo Cases4. Here are 51 comedians who never forced women to watch them masturbate5. 96 Percent of Google Search Results for 'Trump' News Are from Liberal Media Outlets6. @LindseyGrahamSC explains why his opinion of AG Jeff Sessions has changed7. 7-Eleven Now App8. Here's How America Uses Its Land9. No healthy level of alcohol consumption, says major study10. WATCH: Ross From Friends - John CageLearn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at to learn about your ad choices when listening to podcasts, visit