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Wine Not? McHostile Work Environment With Cheese 9.14.18

September 14, 201874 min
In episode 232, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Amanda Salvatore to discuss a wine glass holder for your shower, how the Department of Homeland Security transferred millions from the Coast Guard to ICE, Trump continuing to deny the real death toll from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, updates on whether or not Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed, Facebook allowing conservative sites to fact check them, sexual harassment complaints at McDonalds, the recasting of Henry Cavill, Conan O'Brien's 25th anniversary, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. SIPSKI Shower Wine Glass Holder2. DHS transferred $169 million from other programs to ICE for migrant detention3. Trump Denies Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria Death Toll, Accuses Democrats of Making It Up4. Media’s coverage of Trump’s Puerto Rico conspiracy theory was a failure5. Feinstein Turned Over A Mysterious Letter About Brett Kavanaugh To The FBI6. Committee Vote On Kavanaugh Delayed Until Next Week7. Baseball tickets? Gambling debts? Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh answers Democrats' queries8. Facebook uses The Weekly Standard to fact-check9. Can Mark Zuckerberg Fix Facebook Before It Breaks Democracy?10. 10 Female Workers Have Filed Sexual Harassment Complaints Against McDonald’s11. McDonald’s workers set to strike over sexual harassment12. McDonald's Workers Detail Horrifying Sexual Harassment13. The Labor Ruling McDonald's Has Been Dreading Just Became A Reality14. 'Try again': McDonald's women's day stunt criticized as hollow gesture15. Henry Cavill is reportedly out as DC’s Superman16. CONAN O'BRIEN'S MASSIVE LATE NIGHT ARCHIVE WILL SOON BE AVAILABLE ONLINE17. WATCH: MF DOOM - Madvillain - Accordion Learn more about your ad-choices at