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Ivanka GETS IT, Both Sides-ing Science 2.27.19

February 27, 201970 min
In episode 337, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Billy Wayne Davis to discuss R. Kelly posting bail, McDonald's Spicy McChicken sandwich, Colorado attempting to change the electoral college system, Michael Cohen testifying against Trump, an update on the state of emergency situation, Trump's meeting with Kim Jong Un, Ivanka Trump's ideas on minimum wage, Fox and Friends misinterpreting AOC's words, the new UN ambassador believing in the 'both sides of science,' and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. R. Kelly Posts Bail for Sex Charges, Immediately Hits McDonald’s2. Spicy McChicken3. Colorado governor will sign bill aimed at bypassing Electoral College4. Cohen will tell Congress of alleged Trump criminal conduct, source says5. Murkowski 'likely' to support resolution to block Trump's emergency declaration6. I support Trump’s vision on border security. But I would vote against the emergency.7. Trump on brink of defeat on border emergency8. Seeking North Korea Deal, Trump Seems Willing to Ease U.S. Demands9. Ivanka Slams Minimum Wage Provision In AOC's Green New Deal10. Fox's Pete Hegseth, talking about @AOC: "If you don't believe in kids, and families, and the flag, you're effectively admitting to civilizational suicide."11. JFC, he found someone less qualified than the Fox nitwit to be UN ambassador12. WATCH: Thundercat (feat. BADBADNOTGOOD & Flying Lotus) - 'King of the Hill' Learn more about your ad-choices at