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Equifax Owes You $125, Ilhan > Qanon 7.29.19

July 29, 201969 min
In episode 442, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Ellory Smith to discuss how to get your settlement money from Equifax, the dropping of the Epstein files, Ilhan Omar's biggest competitor (not really), an update on the Cuba sonic attacks, how food delivery companies screw over their workers, a Woodstock 50 update, and more! FOOTNOTES:1. WATCH: "I Can't Go For That"- Daryl Hall, Cee Lo Green2. You Have a Moral Obligation to Claim Your $125 From Equifax3. Equifax owes you a lot more, but here’s how to get $125 from this week’s settlement4. “CLINTON AND GHISLAINE BECAME SUPER CLOSE”: AS THE EPSTEIN SCANDAL SPIRALS, A NEW FOCUS ON OLD NAMES5. Pro-Trump Republican aiming to unseat Ilhan Omar charged with felony theft6. Trump Says Minnesota Can't Stand Ilhan Omar. His Attacks Have Made Her More Popular Than Ever Back Home.7. Were U.S. Diplomats Attacked in Cuba? Brain Study Deepens Mystery8. How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers’ Buttons9. On-Demand Platform Workers Denied Basic Rights10. My Frantic Life as a Cab-Dodging, Tip-Chasing Food App Deliveryman11. How Delivery Apps May Put Your Favorite Restaurant Out of Business12. DoorDash to give tips to delivery drivers after customer outrage13. DEATHS AND INJURIES DON’T SLOW UBER EATS’ RAPID EXPANSION IN MEXICO14. Woodstock 50 Festival Moves to Maryland in Bid to Salvage Event15. WATCH: Beastie Boys - Hey Ladies Paul Nice Remix NEW 2007 Learn more about your ad-choices at