Episode 20: Transformers


This week on the pod, the gang talks about the ever evolving world of Transformers. Dani and Ify discuss all their favorite elements of this franchise with a little help from their Producer and Editor, Dan Goodman. From toys to comics to television to taking the silver screen, with billions in revenue, the three go over what makes the Transformers so great and why they are here to stay. Nerdfam - roll out! FOOTNOTES: 1. Don Murphy Quotes Special 2. TF Movie Screenwriter John Rogers Speaks out 3. DOUBLE VISION 4. Character-Driven Films (but Keep the Kaboom) 5. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: ROBERT ORCI 6. WELCOME MR. ROBERTO ORCI, YOU MAY ASK HIM QUESTIONS 7. Transformers Movie Discussion 8. Casting Call for Prime Directive 9. Transformers (film series) 10. Michael Bay To Direct ‘Transformers 4,’ Producer Confirms 11. Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura Says ‘Transformers 4’ Coming For Summer 2014 Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers
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