In Nerdificent comedians, Ify Nwadiwe and Dani Fernandez break down all that is nerdy. Whether you’ve spent years rolling dice in a friend’s basement or got hooked after seeing a comic book movie, they’ve got something for you. Each episode Dani and Ify deep dive into a nerdy subject or subculture and break down the history, culture, and future of it; all while making you laugh.

Episode 46: Horror Noire

February 26, 201956 min
Hello again, nerds, and welcome to another Horror filled episode of Nerdificent! This week Dani and Ify are joined by Writer and Director, Xavier Burgin, to talk about his film ‘Horror Noire’, a documentary about the representation of Black people in Horror films (the first of its kind). Starting way back with ‘Birth of a Nation’ up to where we are today with ‘Horror Noire’. Curl up and get ready for a history lesson on this weeks episode of Nerdificent!FOOTNOTES:For the Filmmakers Behind This Timely Documentary, Black History Is Black HorrorCOLLIDER: 'Horror Noire' Review: A Captivating Deep Dive into the History of Black Cinema and the Horror GenreNBC: 'Horror Noire' shines a much-needed light on the history of African-Americans in horror filmsVERGE: The Enlightening Doc 'Horror Noire' lays out Black History through Black Horror FilmsINDIEWIRE: Jordan Peele Lectures UCLA Film Class on 'Get Out': 'The Sunken Place is the Silencing' of Marginalized People-VULTURE: 'Horror Noire' is a Lively, Essential History LessonLearn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at to learn about your ad choices when listening to podcasts, visit