There’s a reason the History Channel has produced hundreds of documentaries about Hitler but only a few about Dwight D. Eisenhower. Bad guys (and gals) are eternally fascinating. Behind the Bastards dives in past the Cliffs Notes of the worst humans in history and exposes the bizarre realities of their lives. Listeners will learn about the young adult novels that helped Hitler form his monstrous ideology, the founder of Blackwater’s insane quest to build his own Air Force, the bizarre lives of the sons and daughters of dictators and Saddam Hussein’s side career as a trashy romance novelist.

Introducing: Noble Blood

July 13, 20193 min
Introducing a new iHeartRadio Original Podcast: Noble Blood. The royal families of Europe are better than any soap opera: wealthier, crazier, more incestuous, more often murdered. In each bi-weekly, researched podcast, narrator Dana Schwartz will focus on a single historical royal, from the well-known to the obscure, from William the Conqueror to Princess Diana, stories of privilege, war, money, and madness. The stories are fascinating when told alone but irresistible when presented together, a woven tapestry of people whose lives were unlike anyone else’s, and yet who remained, often heartbreakingly, human. Listen on Apple Podcasts or anywhere you get your podcasts. Learn more about your ad-choices at