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Marcus Lush and caller Judith debate albatross names

Marcus Lush Nights

Marcus Lush has once again had a colourful clash with a caller on Māori names, after caller Judith raised concerns about albatross names.
Starting off the call by saying "I just want to probably change subjects because I haven't been listening," Judith went on to ask about the competition to choose the names for baby albatrosses. 
"I'm not at all racist, but I don't know why the albatross chicks have to be called a Māori name all the time," with Judith suggesting other names, such as Reg or Bob. 
Lush responded saying that people send in names they think are best, and found the judging criteria, which lists relevance, originality and creativity. 
"Do you think Bob would fit in with that criteria?" Lush asked, but Judith kept pushing her point in a 14 minute back and forth, to the delight of callers. 
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