4 Things with Amy Brown •

Bon Bons - 4 Things with Amy Brown

4 Things with Amy Brown

Welcome to the final chapter of Wild Chocolate! This week, we dive into the actual experience of eating REAL chocolate. Why does it have an almost drug-like effect on so many of us? And what can a chocolatier do to make that experience pop? And, you know, where can I get me some? (To start go to www.stettler-chocolate.com

For seven weeks, we’ve dragged you past floods and jungles, electric eels and narco traffickers and this week, we’re not gonna do any of that. No dangers, no scandals, just bliss. So kick back and relax. This is desert.

Want some of this god-level chocolate? Kaleidoscope has joined forces with Luisa Abram and Stettler Chocolate to make a special box to go along with this very podcast.. Just visit: www.stettler-chocolate.com to order your wild chocolate today. Like what you hear? Follow us @kscope_nyc on Twitter and Instagram.

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Bon Bons - 4 Things with Amy Brown