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The Only Way Out Is Through with Gracie Moakler - 4 Things with Amy Brown

4 Things with Amy Brown

Do you believe in signs from the other side? Amy does & her guest, Gracie Moakler, has a powerful story about a message she recently received from the other side. It's so clear that God was using this sign (from Gracie's sister) as a way to bring comfort and peace when it was very much needed. Amy also shares a message she got from her mom a few days ago (via a cardinal) that was very comforting as well. Side note: Go listen to Kacey Musgraves' song Cardinal ASAP if you haven't listened to it yet...it's so good!! If you don't believe in signs...well don't worry...they chat about other things too!

Gracie is the founder of Emergency Confetti, a mom of 2, and wife to her sweet husband Steve...she wears a lot of hats and at times she wonders what she's gotten herself into. Being a small business owner comes with challenges...but if you want the garden...you've got to pull the weeds (fave quote from the episode!) Gracie has had to learn to expand + to not make her business her identity (i.e. separating herself from hard situations like taking out a big loan to make aforementioned expansion possible) + to not compare herself to other moms/business owners on social media.

Gracie & Amy also talk about they're attempt at little to no clothes shopping this year + joy vs. happiness + 4 things gratitude (Gracie shares a book, a show, a drink and an IG follow that she's thankful for...so maybe there's a 'recommendation' in her gratitude that you'd enjoy!)

HOST: Amy Brown // RadioAmy.com // @RadioAmy

GUEST: Gracie Moakler // @GracieMoakler // @emergencyconfetti

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The Only Way Out Is Through with Gracie Moakler - 4 Things with Amy Brown