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Is Today’s Jazz Finally Outrunning the Past?69 min
Will Eminem Ever Change?58 min
The Popcast Answers Your Burning Questions About Pop Music in 201769 min
In 2017, Pop Music Made Triumph Out of Tough Times75 min
After 40 Years, U2 Is Still Huge. Why?45 min
Remembering Lil Peep62 min
Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ Has Arrived. Let’s Discuss.75 min
Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ Is Almost Here. Let’s Discuss.51 min
How Will Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Be Remembered?44 min
What Are the Billboard Charts Really Measuring?58 min
The Persistence of Pink and Kelly Clarkson, Outspoken Pop Survivors59 min
Shania Twain Was Country’s Crossover Queen. What Is She Now?51 min
Tom Petty, a Secret Punk on Rock’s Mount Rushmore37 min
National Anthem Protests, From ‘Jazzing the Banner’ to Taking a Knee51 min
Bye, Bro. In Country Music, It’s the Year of the Gentleman.67 min
From Instagram to ‘Bodak Yellow,’ Cardi B Has Arrived59 min
Women Dominating Rock: There’s More to the Conversation60 min
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Is SoundCloud a Business or a Community?33 min
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Celebrating Two of Rock’s Big Voices, Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell63 min
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Katy Perry, Lorde and Halsey: How to Make a Pop Album in 201757 min
Why We’re Still Listening to the Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’32 min
Latin Pop Thrives, No Bieber Required49 min
Festivals That Inspire Awe, and Festivals That Lead to Criminal Investigations48 min
Harry Styles and John Mayer, Teardrops on Their Guitars41 min
Paramore Returns, Headed Straight For the 1980s32 min
Finding Feist’s Pleasure and Pain27 min
How Lil Uzi Vert Turned Rap Into Rock and Became a Pop Star48 min
A Deep Dig on Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole’s Hip-Hop’s Values57 min
How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Chainsmokers?50 min
Jazz in 2017: The Music Is Thriving, Though Support Is in Peril41 min
Drake Changed Hip-Hop’s Sound. Can He Change the Business?59 min
How Chuck Berry Became a Rock ’n’ Roll Mastermind25 min
The Billboard Charts Are Wackier Than Ever: What’s Going On?57 min
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What Future and Migos Tell Us About Atlanta’s Rap Dominance59 min
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Were There Any Real Winners at the Grammys?57 min
Will the Grammy Awards End With a Big Surprise?39 min
Punk Rock Is Alive and Well, No Politics Required44 min
The War Over ‘La La Land’: Gotta Hear Both Sides49 min
The Crooner in Chief: Barack Obama’s Musical Legacy53 min
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10 Songs That Tell the Story of 201658 min
The Year in Jazz Music42 min
Pop Music Trends in 201638 min
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Mourning the Greats: Leonard Cohen, Leon Russell and Mose Allison29 min
Popcast: Division and Unity in Pop, and Beyond52 min
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Popcast: Hip-Hop Concerts and the Police43 min
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Popcast: Chance the Rapper and Drake32 min
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Popcast: Beyoncé Serves Up ‘Lemonade’39 min
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Popcast: Kanye West”s Unfinished Album53 min
Popcast: Beyonce and Rihanna Take a Different Approach52 min
Popcast: R&B’s New Identity26 min
Popcast: Tropical House Movement29 min
Popcast: Love, Death and David Bowie47 min
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Popcast: Making Sense of 2015 in Music30 min
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Popcast: Best Albums of 201539 min
Popcast: Joe Casey of Protomartyr25 min
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Popcast: Taylor Swift and Drake, Friendship vs. Partnership35 min
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Lin-Manuel Miranda On How Hip-Hop Influenced Him and ‘Hamilton’59 min
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Popcast: Jon Batiste and ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’25 min
Popcast: 2015 MTV Video Music Awards20 min
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Popcast: ‘Where Are Ü Now’14 min
Carly Rae Jepsen Grows Up30 min
Popcast: ‘Straight Outta Compton’80 min
Drake’s Bully Pulpit67 min
Popcast: Titus Andronicus26 min
Popcast: Prince Royce, Pitbull and Multilingual Pop Music37 min
Reggae’s Summer Flirtation24 min
Hip-Hop’s Silent Majority70 min
Apple Music and Beats 128 min
Popcast: “Tomatoes” Giving Country Its Bite33 min
Popcast: Tenement’s Bright Double Album28 min
Jason Derulo Glides Across Genres26 min
ASAP Rocky Returns to a Haze21 min
Shamir’s Distinctive Voice22 min
Joey Alexander, the Young Jazz Sensation28 min
U2 Prepares to Go on Tour21 min
New Albums By Zac Brown Band and Tyler Farr22 min
Kamasi Washington and the West Coast Get Down26 min
How Much Festival Is Too Much Festival?33 min
The Ongoing Evolution of Charles Lloyd27 min
Kendrick Lamar, Dissenting From the Mainstream as He Influences It26 min
On ‘Empire’: The Show, the Music and the Calamitous Finale47 min
Blurred Legal Lines32 min
Madonna is Still Madonna On ‘Rebel Heart’19 min
Who Is Boots?22 min
Grammys Post-Mortem30 min
Björk Gets Personal26 min
Departed Tastemakers: ASAP Yams and Kim Fowley21 min
Sleater-Kinney Returns23 min
All About Meghan Trainor23 min
The Year in Jazz 201436 min
The Year in Pop 201429 min
The Best Albums of 201443 min
The Pop Savvy of ‘Beyond the Lights’27 min
London Calls Mary J. Blige31 min
How Bobby Shmurda Danced Into the Hot 10027 min
Dave Grohl’s ‘Sonic Highways’33 min
Listening to Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’38 min
The Myth of Scott Walker29 min
Tinashe, FKA Twigs and the Semantics of R&B29 min
Parsing Steve Coleman’s Genius20 min
What We Talk About When We Talk About Chris Brown30 min
U2’s ‘Songs of Innocence’: Gift or Spam?23 min

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