#96 Flirting Your Way to the Boardroom

August 5, 201757 min
"There's a difference between flirting and likability," says Victoria. "It can be done in a platonic manner." Rizzo takes a different stance: Even if it's effective, flirting is far from platonic. "If you're not prepared to back it up, don't flirt in the office. I've never had a man flirt with me who wasn't very prepared to take it to the next level if I showed interest. However, on occasion I have at times closed a deal with a little flirtation." "I think sometimes flirting may help in business. Men do this all the time," says Angieszka. But Rizzo was quick to point out a key difference between men and women when it comes to flirting in the workplace: "I don't think men are flirting as a business tool... I think they're hoping to have sex...just saying." The discussion above is from Forbes Contributors in a most fascinating dialogue from a Facebook community entitled 'Flirting your way to the top'. All of this got us thinking at Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Pleasure, SHOULD FLIRTING BE ON THE MENU OF OPTIONS IN THE BOARDROOM? Does flirting give women an extra advantage over men? Should women use all their assets to get ahead? Is flirting degrading to women? What do you do when the boss is being forward with you and you don’t want to engage? Is it fair for women to flirt their way to the top? Is there a double standard in business with women vs. men and flirting?  And do we dare even put this one out there... is flirting sometimes used by women to entrap men and accuse them of sexual harassment? BIG CONVERSATION AHEAD with none other than our co-hosts Sally Fernandez, Barbara McGee, Gayl Murphy & Ava Armstrong. Hint: all the women do not agree on this one. Malcolm is put to the test in this episode - can he flirt his way out of it?!? For Further Insight: Referenced article: SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW THE SHOW ON ITUNES TALK RADIO at 5pm EST 7 days a week, encore at 11pm EST Your Smartphone, APPLE APP or ANDROID APP Our DIGITAL MEDIA PLAYER directly in your web browser Talk Radio Networks: iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Aha Radio, RadioGuide.FM + more OR ON PODCAST on iTunes, Google, iHeart Radio and more LISTEN ON APPLE PODCAST LISTEN ON GOOGLE PLAY LISTEN ON THE PODCAST APP ON-DEMAND AT AMERICA OUT LOUD 24/7 LINK TO LIFE, LIBERTY & PLEASURE SHOW PAGE TUNE IN DAILY 5PM EST FOR THE LATEST EPISODE, ENCORE AT 11PM EST

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