Break The Chains Of Your 9 to 5

Break The Chains Of Your 9 to 5

You have done well in your career, made a good life for you and your family. It may be the case that you have started your own business and things are going great. Then one day to take a step back and realise that’s all you do. Your work is your life. When am I actually going to be in a position to live a little. This was me at the age of 37 working as an electrician running my own business. Busy all the time, constantly answering calls and booking in work. Makes you sound very successful right? I QUIT! Folded the electrical business and chose a different path. A path where I could have more time and freedom to live the life I wanted, not the life I had become comfortable with. This podcast describes all the challenges I faced in doing so. With interviews of other people who have done the same. My name is Ben Poulter and this is Break The Chains Of Your 9 to 5. Helping Blokes Who want to get off the tools and have more time for themselves. Follow 🔽 Facebook -


December 5, 2022 13 mins
Some Extra Money Would Be Good Right NOW


Create one piece of 60 content and publish on 6 social media platforms

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Everyone is feeling the pinch right now all over the world. Some extra money supply would be welcome.

For the people who do still have a job, they need to make more money.

There are a few ways ...

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It was a great pleasure to have Chris Nixon - Productivity Coach and Strategist on the podcast. 

He helps clients whose stressful chaotic lives have overwhelmed them, and robbed them of motivation, accountability, and reaching their goals. Chris believes that no two people think the same or work the same so that means no two productivity systems can be the same. He developed The Productivity Master Method™ to find the right prod...

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Are We Doomed In The UK?

The UK is facing the biggest fall in living standards, down to the government’s actions.


In fact, the biggest since 1952!


As you can imagine – its going to take some time to recover!


How did the UK get to be in this position and what does the future look like for the UK?


Here I will go into det...

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The book mentioned on affiliate marketing is here - Learn How to be an affiliate

I would love to hear from you and how your going to plan your future. 


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We all have dreams as a kid, the fast cars and the amazing lifestyle. Why did we give up on out dream for the future. What stopped us making that plan to make more money in have ev...

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Get a trade they said – you will have work for life then. Also feel stuck with work for life!

That may be true, but you will also be working for life too.


Come over the and I would be happy to show you where to grab a copy.


Unless you figure out another way to make money whiles your not at work, your going to doing that same job until your dying day.


Making sure that doesn’t happen is easy.


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I talk about this in the previous episode on the podcast here - The Time Is Now To Value Your Time While Alive


You should check it out.

Are You Good With Money?

Trying to keep control of your budget on what your spending, can be a challenge.

You work hard – earned some good money.

But never had any spare – never had any savings for a rainy day.


It took me a little while – but I found out why.

So I’m here today to help you do th...

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Will you challenge yourself today to check out a book?

In the book is a detailed description of how you can not only start making money online, but scale too.

Only One Way To Find Out - Grab a copy of the book here 

If you never try – you will never know🤔


Time is the only thing in the world that money cant buy!


When we have around 80 years to make the most of the time we have, we want to spent it wisely right?


When living yo...

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November 14, 2022 13 mins

From all the dreams you had as a kid, when did it become Combatable To Be Poor?

There is no reason you have you live in poverty in this day and age if your prepared to do something about it. Being skin...

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Everyone in the world could do with help with energy bills right now. The question is how did we get there in the first place?


Create an income online where you can take advantage of every economy in the world.

Break the chains to being employed and join the break the chains community.

Read more

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Affiliate marketing as a business model is becoming very popular all over the world.

1000s of people are starting to become affiliates for many different businesses.

But after a while, quit because they don’t get the results promised.


Here I will explain WHY that is and where so many people are going wrong in affiliate marketing.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Online there are so many oppo...

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What is the EMC (Entrepreneurs Marketing Conference) Marketing Event 

The group can be found here -

You want to better your life.  We all understand that the people you surround yourselves with influence you in your life. 

So if you spend your time in the pub – you WILL become a drunk sooner or later. 

So you look for ways to better yourself. 

Maybe you find an event near you th...

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Attracting the right people to you and your business. 

You may thing that its best to attract everyone and anyone who is interested. Bad idea!

When you talk to everybody - you talk to nobody!


Get your hands on the downloads here


Imagine having a party and inviting all your friends, everyone there you know and like. They wouldn't be your friend otherwise right? 


How good would it be if these were the type of people you dealt ...

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November 1, 2022 15 mins

What do you value more? Money or Happiness.

Being happy is 10 x better then being rich.

In this podcast I talk about how you can be happier without having to depend on money to get your there.

So many people all over the world want as much money as they can in the pursuit of happiness.


MONEY is not the answer.

There is an unlimited amount of money supply in the world waiting to be spent.

Having happiness in your life is somethi...

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100k a year Job. It sounds so hard to make. 

But its so simple for people like Liz Truss who managed it in 45 days. 

That's just a crazy true story of the mess of the UK government in 2022. 


How can you make 100k a year in a job? Earn 100k salary and beyond? 


In this podcast I go into detail of some simple ideas that you can put into motion today. 


Along with so many people in MY COMMUNITY who have broke the chains to a 9 to ...

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You can listen to the whole other podcast here Waste of time jobs


On the tools in a company, most of us aim to become off the tools one day.

This blog post is aimed more towards the trades men and women of the world.

  • Electricians
  • Builders
  • Plumbers
  • Etc.


If you know the term on the tools, it means you work with your hands – you’re a grafter!


I’m not sure if that’s a load of slang in the UK and you guys across the worl...

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October 20, 2022 22 mins

Waste of time JOB! The video is here - Jobs That Are A Waste Of Your Life and Time!


The book on how to start with Affiliate Marketing can be found here - The Iceberg Effect 


Passive Income Ideas Online

Passive income ideas online! In order to be able to make a passive income online.

First you need to know what is actually meant by passive income.


It gets thrown around all the time online that you can make passive i...

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October 17, 2022 18 mins

If you check out the same book I read HERE, see if 2 hours can help you break the chains to your 9to5 job.


9to5 Job, Its what we are all programmed to do, what we have been taught:

  • In schools
  • By our parents

Also seen everyone else do to earn a living.


Its been built into us so deep that so many people, including myself never even question if there is another way to make money.

A way that your not tied down to working ...

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You should check it out on the Break The Chains Of Your 9 to 5 YouTube Channel.


Check it out here =

  Were They Wasting their life?

Standing in a car park wasting your life in the middle of traffic, waving your arms back and forward. Even though there’s no other direction to go!


What is the actual point of that job!


I admit, they person is getting paid to just stand there and wave their arms, bu...

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October 7, 2022 11 mins

The UK economy 2022 is failing – Whichever way the government make it look or sound.

Start by checking out this FREE Download

Avoid The Pitfalls - Downlead

The bottom line is that its going down hill, and going fast!


Why? What happened to put us in this position and what can we do to help ourselves in the current economy crisis?

Where It All Began?

It all started back in 2019 when the UK ...

Mark as Played
October 5, 2022 14 mins

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This isn’t something that’s new being poor and in poverty . It been happening for years but some people have been able to break away from working to live.

A job or a career is looked at a life style. As something your labeled as:

  • Ben the electrician
  • Dave the plumber

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