Chasing Bandos UrbEx Podcast

Chasing Bandos UrbEx Podcast

Everyone loves a good story. Chasing Bandos is an urbex podcast where urban explorers share their passion and love for exploring abandoned sites. We also run more topical mini-series & specials: Chernobyl, Buran, Famagusta. Check out the amazing adventure stories.


February 10, 2024 65 mins

Was the Fukushima disaster more severe than Chernobyl? This question elicits a nuanced response, as while instinctively one might lean towards negation, my esteemed guest for today will present a contrasting perspective. Tune in to our bonus episode featuring the insights of French explorer Rivka.

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On today's Chasing Bandos Podcast episode, I'm joined by Mike, a seasoned urban explorer from Canada. Mike, previously featured with Wade in the Anyox episode and co-hosting an interview with Rob Bryce, takes center stage today, regaling us with unique tales from his abandoned site adventures.

Among these is his gripping account of driving with his father to the desolate Uranium City in the remote Canadian wilderness. The perilous ...

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Today's podcast episode features Monique, a passionate explorer from Virginia. Her journey to our pod began with a video in a Facebook group where she cleverly advised members to keep quiet about abandoned homes' locations.

Dedicated to preserving abandoned homes, Monique expresses frustration over members sharing locations in the local Virginia Facebook group, leading to looting and destruction. Monique shares diverse stories, inc...

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Welcome, fellow urban adventurers, to another captivating debate episode. Today, our panel of intrepid explorers, featuring Nick (karmacula), Dave (freaktography), Tommy (moldy_lungs), Justin (ihatejustincurtis) and the host of the Chasing Bandos Podcast, Greg Abandoned, is ready to embark on a journey through the heart of urbex mysteries.

First up, we unravel the essential urbex terminology — delving into the intriguing realms of ...

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Grimbo, dubbed the 'drain prodigy kid' since his teenage years, aspired to join the Cave Clan but faced internal politics within the Australian underground community. Despite challenges, he's thriving independently. In New Zealand, Grimbo's future drain adventures were foreshadowed by a harrowing plane flight. Grimbo also discussed a controversial aspect involving an explorer whose questionable interests coincided with Grimbo's gro...

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In this poignant episode, we delve into the intersection of mental health and urban exploration. Exploring the link between the two, we hear personal stories from two American explorers who courageously share their struggles. Gabby recounts her journey, including a pivotal moment where she committed herself to a mental institution for the support needed to overcome her challenges. The second part features Keeper, exploring the ques...

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Joining us on the podcast is the controversial and colorful character known as Dan the Man or his online persona Ben Clownin. Accused of various misdeeds, we delve into the accusations to separate fact from fiction. Vinny, his real name, is an urban explorer from Buffalo, New York, often labeled as the villain. In today's episode, we address these allegations and hear directly from Vinny himself. Brace yourself for strong words as ...

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The host of Chasing Bandos Podcast met today's guest Dmitrii Negrutsa in the canteen building of the former Soviet mining settlement known as Pyramiden. Pyramiden is situated on the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard and stands as one of the few remaining authentic Soviet ghost towns in the world.

The host was immediately struck by Dmitrii's eloquence and welcoming nature when they met during a visit to Pyramiden with a group of fellow...

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In this episode of the Chasing Bandos Urbex Podcast, a panel of four Australian urban explorers—Jims, Trespvss, Steak, and Mariachi — engage in a lively discussion on various urban exploration-related topics.

They start by sharing their experiences dealing with homeless people and scrappers commonly encountered in abandoned buildings. The explorers consider strategies for managing these encounters and the challenges they pose.

The ...

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Welcome to today's episode, which is all about Pyramiden. So, what is Pyramiden? It's a former Soviet mining settlement located in the Arctic Circle on the Svalbard archipelago. This place is a ghost town, frozen in time. The Russians used to mine coal from Pyramiden, a settlement they bought from Sweden. Due to various circumstances, including an airplane disaster in 1996, the decision was made to close all operations.

Fast forwar...

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In this episode, we had a fascinating conversation with Sara Starkström, a Swedish urban explorer. She shared her journey into urbex, starting with a childhood fascination with an old farmhouse. Sara's love for underground spaces and tunnels led her to explore catacombs and underground locations. She expressed her dream of exploring Japan, where she's explored amusement parks and an untouched sanatorium.

Sara recounted a thrilling ...

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Meet Matt Lambros, an American urban explorer and photographer with a passion for abandoned theaters. Over nearly two decades, he has diligently documented decaying theaters in America and actively works to revive them. Matt collaborates with theater owners and offers photography workshops. In our interview, he emphasizes his ethical approach to access, contrasting it with less scrupulous practices in urban exploration.

We delve in...

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In this podcast episode, we introduce Rob Bryce, the owner of Northern BC Jet Boat Tours and a fearless Canadian explorer who has uncovered the enigmatic secrets of the Anyox ghost town. Rob specializes in curating unique adventures in Northern British Columbia, offering personalized boat tours to remote areas and historical ghost towns within the region.

Rob shares his unexpected journey into arranging tours to deserted and far-fl...

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Welcome to another captivating episode of Chasing Bandos! In this installment, we are joined by Markus, an accomplished German urban explorer and photographer. His journey into the world of urban exploration is intricately linked with his childhood fascination with dinosaurs and the allure of Jurassic Park, which ignited his passion for uncovering the hidden stories of abandoned places.

Markus takes us on a rollercoaster of stories...

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In this episode, we have the privilege of welcoming Lana Sator, a remarkable Russian urban explorer, photographer, and blogger. During the interview, Lana courageously shares the harrowing events that unfolded during her time in Albania, shedding light on her arrest, detention, and the nine months she spent in an Albanian prison. Additionally, she candidly discusses the unjust solitary confinement she endured.

With great detail, we...

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Get ready for an action-packed episode of the Chasing Bandos Urbex Podcast, featuring the incredible stories and insights of our guest, Dave dnf.n. As a seasoned explorer, Dave takes us on a thrilling journey through his UrbEx adventures and shares some valuable lessons along the way.

From a young age, Dave's fascination with exploring was ignited by living near an abandoned hospital. For him, it was all about the thrill of adventu...

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In this highly anticipated third annual episode of the Chasing Bandos podcast, we are join by Bill Finan as he celebrates his birthday in a unique and memorable way. This time, the episode takes a different approach as Bill is joined by a panel of three American explorers: reel-master Alex (dragonboyac), Ninja Nick (karmacula), and Ghostly Sonny (xplorewithsonny). Together, they delve into intriguing stories and address some pressi...

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Welcome to the second episode of the UrbEx debate! In this episode, we have three distinguished guests: John Law, a legendary urban explorer with over 45 years of experience exploring abandoned places in San Francisco; Max Boncina, a world traveler and explorer based in New York; and Eric Holubow, an expert urban explorer from Chicago.

Throughout the episode, our guests engage in lively discussions on a range of topics related to u...

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Join urban explorer and photographer Bryant Neal from Rochester, NY, as he takes us on a thrilling journey through abandoned places on the Chasing Bandos Podcast. Bryant's passion for capturing the beauty and history of decaying locations has led him to explore abandoned houses, hospitals, asylums, car graveyards, schools, movie locations, and more. In this episode, he shares his projects, engages in lively debates about urban expl...

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Adam Slater is a British explorer from Birmingham, England. Adam has been exploring abandoned places since early 2000s. He belongs to community of urban explorers on forum.

Adam explored the UK’s ‘UrbEx Holy Grail’, a nuclear bunker from the Cold War era that served as England's Central Government War Headquarters. The Cabinet Office commissioned this subterranean urban fortress during the 1950s when the West face...

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