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June 4, 2024 60 mins

Shortly after Adam and Eve rebel against God, a trial takes place where God acts as the judge, jury, and executioner. Adam and Eve try to avoid attending the trial by hiding themselves. The snake (i.e. the devil) makes no such move. Four key questions are asked, which are relevant even today, as the rest of humanity has followed Adam and Eve's leading in trying to run and hide from God, rather than run unto Him in a contrite and repentant spirit. Such is the nature of sin and what it does to everyone and everything affected by it. Ultimately, though, amid all the questioning and shifting of blame, there is a silver lining in the sense that the Gospel is proclaimed by none other than God himself. One day, the devil himself will be crushed by one of the Eve's offspring, which will finalize what it means by "good news" to those privy to acknowledge what God does in the person of Jesus Christ at Calvary.


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