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May 2, 2023 37 mins

Should I start a video Podcast? Can I be Successful on youtube or is the market flooded? How is having a podcast on youtube different than on other platforms?

These are some of the questions that come up a LOT when people ask about video podcasting…Fortunately, I found a guest for today’s show that can answer them for us!

Meet Koko! Koko Mendez is the Co-Owner of Mendez Modern Media LLC, which is a media company that currently provides YouTube channel services for real estate professionals in the luxury industry. She is a tech-savvy millennial with an advertising background who is passionate about helping real estate professionals leverage the power of the latest in digital marketing. Koko believes in helping create inspiring visuals to share with potential buyers, as well as providing educational content and marketing insights to her clients. With a dedication to providing the highest quality media services, Koko and Team Mendez Modern Media have become the stealthy secret sauce in the real estate industry for YouTube Channel services.

In this episode, I ask Koko about:

+Competition on Youtube

+Understanding the Youtube Algorythm

+Best practices if you are just getting started

Connect with Koko using the links below:

TikTok @teammendezmodernmedia/ @marketinghoney /@theleomendez

IG: @marketinghoney / @theleomendez


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