Keep IT Healthy | Podcast by Applover

Keep IT Healthy | Podcast by Applover

Welcome to Keep IT Healthy Podcast - a show hosted by people making things happen in technology, aiming to optimize healthcare delivery, health, well-being and fitness.
 My name is Jan Kamiński, I’m the Co-Founder of Applover, a company dedicated to improving the quality of life with IT solutions and digital advisory.


May 11, 2023 34 mins

What are the 3️⃣ key success factors of healthcare technology?📈

What is a perfect start of the day for CEOs of tech companies in 2023? 🏃🏼‍♂️🍀

How were the first customers in the health tech industry acquired? 🤝 ✈️

How to create an optimal working environment for IT talents? 🏓 👐🏻 🤡

What are the 3 things that make the technology solutions successful? 👏🏻 👑 🔥

Why does Applover specialize in HealthTech? 🧑‍⚕️ 👨🏻‍⚕️ �...

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⁠What challenges tech companies are facing in the promotion of a pro-health attitude?

How can healthcare technology help overcome them?

What are the most important trends in healthtech that will help to promote healthy behaviors in 2023?

⁠How else can technology solutions help to promote pro-health behaviors?

What is your favorite example of supporting marketing communication using a mobile or web application? 

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⁠Which sports and training experiences may be crucial in running your business?

What do you consider your most tremendous success in business?

How much consistency, how much skill, and how much luck is in success?

How to get customers interest...

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How do you balance the demands of your role with your personal life and leisure activities?

What will be the most important directions of the development of digitization of the insurance sector in the coming years?

How does your experience in different business cultures influence your approach to leading HDI Global Mexico?

How can the management of the work and performance of employees be improved by IT solutions, particularly mob...

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Our guest claims that 'changing one's beliefs is harder than changing one's behavior' ☝️ Find out how this maxim influenced his whole life - not only professionally.

He fulfilled the dream of all founders; he created a great company 📈, a pioneering solution 📲, still used by millions of athletes 🏃 today, and then settled on a farm in a beautiful location 🤠

That doesn't mean you haven't heard of it yet 🤓

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How to create a company that creates algorithms and software that uses real-time machine learning models to support the development of athletes' careers ... between successive endurance rallies in the deserts, i.e. an interview with Ph.D., CEO, and Adventure Racer in one person. Meet C. Mikael Mattsson, Ph.D. in exercise physiology, researcher, and CEO of SVEXA, in episode 6 of the podcast by Applover. Applover⁠ is a Full-Stack D...

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Our guest's team has created a solution that analyzes the individual characteristics of the cut tree, such as the grain pattern. This technology makes it possible to catalog and track every tree felled, which helps in the fight against illegal logging. How else can IT companies support the fight for climate balance?


Swapan Chaudhuri, CEO of Deeplai in episode 7 of the podcast by Applover.

Applover⁠ is a Full-Stack Digital Age...

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Our guest in 2012 started HRV4training - a mobile platform monitoring HRV, designed to measure heart rate and respiration and quantify stress to improve athletic performance, e.g. training loads and recovery. Trusted by over 200,000 users, including Olympic medallists and professional teams, the app stands out as the first and only one that can reliably measure HRV using a phone's cam...

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In the world of digital purpose-driven entrepreneurship, our guest stands out as a source of inspiration, especially for the healthcare industry. As a founder and CEO of Charity Miles, he has dedicated his career to helping in the fight for the health of others. Meet Gene Gurkoff, Founder of Charity Miles Podcast This time appears as a guest on episode 9 of the podcast by Applover. Applover⁠ is a Full-Stack Digital Agency from...

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Our guest coaching philosophy is built on a foundation of holistic wellness. She understands that achieving peak performance isn't just about lifting weights or running endless miles. It's about addressing individual needs, ensuring muscle balance, injury prevention, promoting tissue care, and prioritizing recovery.

Meet Erin Carson in episode 10 of the podcast by Applover.

Applover⁠ is an ISO 13485-certified Full-Stack Digital A...

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Our guest has not only changed the landscape of amateur endurance challenges but has also emerged as a prominent voice advocating for fairness and integrity in the world of sports. In this blog post, we invite you to delve into the fascinating journey. Meet Uli Fluhme, co-founder and CEO of GFNY in episode 11 of the Applover podcast. Applover⁠ is an ISO 13485-certified Full-Stack Digital Agency from Wrocław, Poland. Founded in 2...

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Are you a tech enthusiast, a sports performance aficionado, or simply a professional intrigued by the core body temperature matters? If so, this episode is an absolute must-listen (and share, of course).

Meet the extraordinary Chris Blomfield-Brown, creator of CORE in episode 12 of podcast by Applover.

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In episode 13 of our podcast, you’ll meet a true game-changer and influencer in the European digital sphere. Meet Alberto Conde Mellado in episode 13 of the podcast by Applover. 

Applover⁠ is an ISO 13485-certified Full-Stack Digital Agency from Wrocław, Poland. Founded in 2016, a team of nearly 160 experts has developed over 200 proje...

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In episode 14 of our podcast, we delve into the background, data, sports technology, challenges, and business opportunities that shaped his company into the sports tech powerhouse it is today.

Meet Andreas Gschaider in episode 14 of the podcast by Applover. 

Applover⁠ is an ISO 13485-certi...

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