Many Paths To Sobriety

Many Paths To Sobriety

There is no right or wrong way to choose recovery: Everyone is traveling on a different journey to the same end result. Finding a path that creates a happier life than a life in active addiction or alcoholism produced. Join us on our journey through recovery and the path of many that we are on. As well the paths our guests take us down through their own recovery..


September 25, 2022 79 min

Episode:20  Ever hear about the time a lawyer bought a bar. Other words a lawyer being an alcoholic.  Can you own a bar and be successful in recovery. Lets see the path Oliver is on and where this journey goes.

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Mark as Played

In this episode I speak to author of the book, Beyond Belief" Agnostic Musings for 12 Step Life

Joe C.  

Was not sure how this interview was going to go but walked away this night making another connection with another alcoholic. 

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Joe's Pod cast

Rebellions Dog Radio, The Podcast:


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Mark as Played
September 11, 2022 93 min

Dungeons & Dragons and  "Big Daddy" Zack oh my. This episode I had the opportunity to meet Zack we knew nothing of each other and by the end of the episode we had become part of each other's recovery.  

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August 28, 2022 102 min

This episode I had the opportunity to sit and catch up and talk to someone who saw me for me in early early recovery almost 7 months. He could see the pain and struggle I was enduring and told me to call him.  Calling someone feels like it is the hardest thing to do in early recovery. Reach out your not only helping yourself, you are also helping that person your calling.  

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Mark as Played
August 21, 2022 103 min

Sometimes I find myself thinking. What we are doing in recovery. Going to meetings talking to others in recovery.  I always looking for that little kernel of inspiration or gem that I can relate to.  This episode we get to hear Steve  grow up.  Steve is currently 32 years  sober and was an honor to hear his story.


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August 14, 2022 90 min

Some time you just have to go with the flow.  This episode I have the opportunity to banter with Kyle.  We do joke a lot in this episode but that is one of our tools in recovery is laughter. I met Kyle in my earlier days of recovery and has always known how to make me laugh. 

Meetings and resources

Our Mostly Agnostic Group Of Drunks

Reason and Recovery

Rule 62


Mark as Played
August 10, 2022 103 min

If you listen to this episode all the way through without drinking or drugging you will have remained sober for 103 minutes. The world record of continuous sobriety is 24 hours. Think about it.

This episode I have the opportunity to speak to James C.  James is an addict in recovery from cocaine and works the steps of NA and AA. 

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Mark as Played
August 2, 2022 84 min

R2-The Power of Two- Nathan 

Reason and Recovery

This episode we get insight from the founder of the Reason and Recovery AA meeting. Nathan is currently 36 years sober and is here to share his knowledge and insight of being in the program of AA. 


Also if you like Reason and Recovery 

check out Our mostly agnostic group of drunks.

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Mark as Played
July 27, 2022 83 min

This episode I have the opportunity to talk to Skeletor who currently has 4 years of sobriety by mix of traditional and secular AA. 

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Mark as Played
July 17, 2022 58 min

This episode I have the opportunity to talk to Faith.  Faith is currently 2 years sober and so far has the most unique path I have heard yet. 


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Mark as Played
July 13, 2022 61 min

Just Keep It Simple ~ Alison

Welcome to another episode of Many Paths To Sobriety.  This episode I had the opportunity to talk to Alison. Alison at the time of the interview has been sober for 15 months!


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The Power of 2, Reason and Recovery


Mark as Played

We're Alcoholics Not Doctors~ Emily

This episode I get the opportunity to get to know Emily. Emily is currently 7 years sober in recovery. Emily shares with me about her mental health and addictions and the path she took to get there.

Information on secular higher powers

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Mark as Played

This episode I have the opportunity to talk with Beth. This is the first person I have not spoke with during the meetings but quickly Beth has became a part of my recovery.  Beth is non religious and is staying sober using the traditional 12 steps of AA.


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Mark as Played

This episode I get to sit down with one of my sober brothers James P. I relate a lot with James's story on many levels and thoughts. James was a big part at the beginning of my recovery.  Check out some of his reading recommendations. 


Books: A Principle of Recovery: An Unconventional Journey Through the Twelve Steps by Jack Grisham Beyond...

Mark as Played
June 16, 2022 73 min

What  worked for me, might kill you! This episode I get to talk to  Mikey who has 20 years of sobriety.  Mikey's path is one I could not wait to hear and hope someone may relate to.  


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Mark as Played
June 13, 2022 43 min

This episode I was able to sit and get to here Rick's path.  Rick was there in the beginning of my recovery and this was a pleasure for me to sit and get to hear his story one to one.  Hopefully Rick inspires someone like he has inspired me. Thank you Rick.


Online Secular meetings we attend together

Many secular meeting spreadsheet:

Mark as Played
June 9, 2022 56 min

In this episode I have the opportunity to speak with Army veteran Marcus. This episode was recorded prior to the release of the podcast and releasing this the way as recorded  to stay with the continuity of the show.

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Mark as Played

This episode I explore the path that my friend Tony S. from New York has taken for his recovery. The title says it all, it all started with a little bit of Oregano got him hooked from the get go(Its part of the story).

Tony's Collection of "Gems"


List of online meetings

Info about AA

List of secular meetings


Mark as Played
June 1, 2022 44 min

Episode #2 Stoic Alcoholic Joseph.

In this episode I had the opportunity to speak to Joseph who originally got sober using the traditional 12 steps and maintains his sobriety today by practicing stoicism.


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Secular AA meetings

Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Stoic Recovery

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Mark as Played
May 29, 2022 53 min

Welcome to the first episode of the Many Paths to Sobriety podcast. 

This podcast is part of my journey in the course of my recovery. Abby shares her story with me, from where it began. Abby has been a part of my recovery and is here on the show to share her story. Where it began, in-between and where she is at now and the path she took for her recovery. 


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Mark as Played

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