no bad karma: live and love intentionally

no bad karma: live and love intentionally

formerly known as no bad karma: how being a sugar daddy changed my life, i share stories and lessons learned from my bad choices so you can give your choices a purpose bigger than yourself. #nobadkarma #givechoicespurpose #givewhatyouwant #getwhatyougive


July 2, 2024 38 mins

The struggle is real.  It's also relative.  But until you embrace that struggle, you won't begin the process of manifesting change.  And you won't complete that process until you're deleting your apps and showing commitment.


Today's episode's include references to the Progressive Insurance commercial "Unhidden Gems" (, the story of Mr. Aman (

Mark as Played

you know the saying... "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade."  why do we stop with lemonade?  make lemon souffle'!  Do you even know where that saying comes from... it's a cool story.  Hear it on this episode of the #nobadkarma #podcast where i talk about my #instacart #instacartshopper experience and how it affects my #surviveorthrive mentality.  #givechoicespurpose #selfimprovement #liveintentionally #loveintentionally 

Mark as Played

If you were going to rate your peformance today as a person...  how many stars would you give yourself?  5-stars?  4?  1?  How would other people in your life rate you?  What about when you're doing something you don't really want to be doing?  Imagine for a minute you are a professional, but you find yourself being an #instacartshopper to make ends meet?  Why try your best?  Why not just get by?  Truth is, you need to #givewhatyou...

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What would you do to survive?  Beg?  Borrow?  Steal?  How about earn?  How bad to things have to get before you'll work a job that you don't want to do?  What kind of job are you willing to do?  Mow lawns?  Flip burgers?  I remember when my parents divorced, my dad would work his regular job as a butcher 40 hours a week, then paint houses in the evenings and on weekends.  Today, maybe... he'd become an #instacartshopper ???  Like m...

Mark as Played

do you approach life with a survive... or, thrive... mentality?  what's the difference?  why does it matter?  how do you get there?  what would you do to survive?  thrive?  hear my thoughts on the #nobadkarma #podcast as i talk about my own experience instacarting for survival and thrivival.  part 1 of 4.  a couple of bonus clips on the youtube @nobadkarmadotcom channel #givechoicespurpose #instacartshoppers #surviveorthrive #selfi...

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did you every think about how a work experience defined not just your career, but your life?  my musings on how an early job at a campground defined me professionally, as to the type of people i want in my life, and what i want (have) in a partner.  #nobadkarma #givechoicespurpose #podcast #work #workethic #professionaldevelopment #selfimprovement

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February 14, 2024 10 mins

just some quick thoughts on loving intentionally for valentines day 2024 #nobadkarma #givechoicespurpose #relationships #podcast #valentines2024 #valentinesday2024

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February 12, 2024 27 mins

nearly 25% of us have already blown our new years resolution and another 66% of us will blow it by the end of the year.  maybe you just aren't choosing to be intentional.  some thoughts on what living and loving intentionally is all about to set the tone and grow on for the new year. #nobadkarma #givechoicespurpose #liveintentionally #loveintentionally

Mark as Played

Rebrand your life.  Choose to grow from the trauma that defines you.  Choose to grow before you are forced to do it. 

This episode includes a reading from page 69 of Light Is The New Black: Answer the call of your soul and work your light by Rebecca Campbell.  You can find information on the author, this book, and her podcast at

For more insight and practical guidance on healing and choosing growth, visit...

Mark as Played

We allow ourselves to be defined by our relationship, our friends, our habits, and our jobs.  The alcoholic allows themselves to be defined with alcohol in their life.  This episode is based upon a journal entry I wrote when I marked 4-years of sobriety, but think with an open mind and you'll understand how it applies elsewhere in life.  I also suggest the daddy is an alcoholic episode published February 2022. #nobadkarma #givechoi...

Mark as Played
October 3, 2023 39 mins

why i think faith is essential to living and loving intentionally.

#podcast #nobadkarma #givechoicespurpose #givewhatyouwant #getwhatyougive #faith #trust #relationships #love

check out the faith playlist by nobadkarma on spotify... considering a bonus episode to explain the song selection...

Mark as Played

you only have the energy you woke up with and 24 hours to do something with it. 

Want some background music?  Search for the "death and taxes. life and money. time" playlist or find the nobadkarma user profile.

that's all the time i got for that rn. 

#podcast #karma #time #energy #love #relationships #nobadkarma #givechoicespurpose #givewhatyouwant #getwhatyougive

Mark as Played

"... but, in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes."  Benjamin Franklin.  Is it all about death and taxes or life and money?  what does it have to do with living and loving intentionally?

and, some songs about it here.

#nobadkarma #givechoicespurpose #deathandtaxes

Mark as Played

live and love intentionally.  happiness is more than money, but love isn't all you need.  why your relationship with money is about your relationship with yourself.  #nobadkarma #givechoicespurpose #money #love #relationships

need help with abundance in your life?!?  check out the post i referenced in the episode...  It's About Abundance, Bby!

and, for the music fans... find a fun playlist of relationship money songs here.

Mark as Played

the real reason why you should take goals, turn them into plans, and make them reality.  and the real reason we screw it up.  for the video version (props are used today), find us on YouTube here.    

Three inspirational playlists: 

what happens when you don't love intentionally

about living intentionally

loving intentionally

#nobadkarma #givechoicespurpose

Mark as Played

How do you treat your relationships?  Do you see where they can go?  Or do you take them somewhere.

Today's music is "if you've got the time" by Merrie, featuring Anya Gold, licensed through Epidemic Sound, from Merrie's 2017 EP Treasures and also on a Spotify playlist for this episode, you can find here. 

#nobadkarma #givechoicespurpose #givewhatyouwant #getwhatyougive

NOTE:  This is a re-publish of the audio-only version of Seaso...

Mark as Played

a special version of 'twas the night before Christmas for you to share with the cheaters in your life.  Music is love song for the lonely, by Greg Walker, from his album Christmas Time Consoles, available on Free Music Archive. #nobadkarma #givechoicespurpose #cheaters

Mark as Played
November 19, 2022 34 mins

my 2016 decision to cheat "one last time" ultimately causes me to lose every material possession, including my house.

this is a deeply personal episode recorded in one-take, the first take.  there may be a take 2 episode with video in the future, but the commentary will come in the next episode.

Sometimes you do have to lose everything to find yourself.  But I don't recommend it.  Listen to what happened to me instead.

#nobadkarma ...

Mark as Played

my decision to be a sugar daddy was rooted in not addressing my own problems and relationship problems with my wife.  so, i used her.  then, fell in love.  then she used me.  and then it happened again.  what happens to us when we do not address our own problems and start using others instead.  the real cost of using others.  the real cost of karma.  we let others take advantage of us when we don't address our own problems, so whil...

Mark as Played

passion isn't just for the bedroom.  passion is life.

when passion matters, put the daddy before the sugar.   put your person first.

#nobadkarma #givechoicespurpose #passionislife

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