One Eye Deer: Marketing Stories for Professional Growth

One Eye Deer: Marketing Stories for Professional Growth

One Eye Deer Podcast explores one powerful marketing idea each episode to help business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers and working professionals grow their businesses and careers. Hosted by certified marketing management consultant J C Sum. Listen to One Eye Deer at


July 27, 2022 15 mins

In "EP 20: Learn to Learn" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, discover how you can learn for your own self-development and growth.

The traditional education system is flawed for most people. If you are one of the people who fits the system that it was designed for, then you will do well. If not, you will struggle.

The traditional education system is necessary from a national policy perspective. Education policy makers must find a syste...

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In "EP 19: How to Get Paid More for Your Work" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, learn how you can provide more value through your work.

Whether you are an employee for a company or a business owner, one primary goal is to increase your salary or revenue.

One of the time-tested and proven ways to get paid more is to ensure you offer value to your company or customers.

In today's competitive landscape, it is not always enough to offer ...

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July 13, 2022 13 mins

In "EP 18: Strategy for a B2B2C Business" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, learn how you can implement a strategy for a B2B2C business.

B2B2C refers to business to business to customer.

But first, let us understand the more traditional B2C and B2B business models.

B2C means a business sells to consumers, while B2B is a business that sells to other businesses.

This means B2B2C is a business sells to consumers and businesses in paralle...

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In "EP 17: Invest in Yourself Through Reskilling and Upskilling" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, we learn how you can upgrade your career and yourself by upskilling and reskilling.

As an employee, the value you bring to the organisation is the ability to perform tasks in your role well and help the organisation be profitable.

Differentiated value is the additional value that an employee can bring to the table which benefits an organ...

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In "EP 16: How to Get Customers to Trust Your Brand" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, we learn how you can build up your brand that your customers would trust.

One advantage of being an online business is lower overheads such as rent. As such, they pass their savings onto their customers.

However herein lies one of the issues. 

Imagine seeing an online posting whether it is a product description on an ecommerce site, a social media p...

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In "EP 15: How to Price and Market a Service-Based Business" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, we learn how you can set your pricing and market your service-based business successfully.

More than 20 years ago, I was a partner in a kids party business that provided entertainment for kids' birthday parties and events.

At that time, the only such providers of kids party entertainment were freelance entertainers like magicians, jugglers, ...

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June 15, 2022 12 mins

In "EP 14: How to Create Your Brand Story" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, we learn how you can craft your brand story so your business would stand out further among the rest.

One of the most fundamental marketing communications techniques is to craft and communicate your brand story.

A brand story is a marketing asset that communicates your brand’s guiding principles and impacts every facet of the organization. In other words, it’s...

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In "EP 13: Local Marketing for Brick & Mortar Businesses" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, we learn how you can take advantage of local marketing to promote your brick and mortar business.

Last week, I was on a road trip to Penang with my family. Along the way, we stopped by Ipoh, which is a sleepy old mining town.

When in Ipoh, we wanted to buy traditional peanut candy which is like small sweet groundnut bars. We asked the staff at ...

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June 1, 2022 18 mins

In "EP 12: The 5-Second Rule in Marketing" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, we learn how you can capture your audience’s attention fast in today’s world.

Global connectivity, high-speed Internet, and social media caused people's attention spans to drop significantly. Brands, businesses and content creators are fighting for consumers' attention every single second of the day.

According to a research by Wyzowl, our attention span has d...

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In "EP 11: You Must Spend Money to Make Money" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, we learn the importance of spending money to make money and how much is needed to invest into a business.

Recently, an acquaintance in Malaysia contacted our KL office with the desire to start a business in KL or Selangor.

It is a B2C (business to consumer) to sell services directly to end clients. The nature of the business requires a physical location t...

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May 18, 2022 13 mins

In "EP 10: Good Product vs Good Marketing" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, we learn further if we should opt for a good product or good marketing for your business.

Have you ever been to a hawker centre where there may be two or three stalls selling the same type of food such as chicken rice, char kway teow, or wanton noodles? 

But one of the stalls has a perpetual long queue where customers queue up to one hour during peak hours,...

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May 11, 2022 13 mins

In "EP 9: Is the Customer King?" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, we discover if customers are always right when dealing in business.

Mr. Mus, the owner of a renovation company, put his right hand man, Nico, in charge while he had to travel overseas for a couple of days for a business trip.

The day Mr Mus left, a customer called Mr. A sauntered into the office with his wife. Mr A looked at Nico head to toe and scoffed. But he neverth...

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In "EP 8: What Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Can Teach You About Making Money" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, we explore how the attempt by the Gracies to showcase Brazilian jiu-jitsu during the ultimate fighting championship or UFC paid off.

The Gracies are a legendary family from Brazil that developed the modern BJJ system in around 1920 and passed down to subsequent generations. 

The chosen brother to represent the Gracies in UFC 1 was Ro...

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In "EP 7: Brand an Idea in One Sentence to Sell It" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, you will learn how you can capture your audience better in the digital age.

In traditional marketing, you may have 30 seconds to communicate your brand message. You have some time to communicate with customers through newspaper ads, TV ads, outdoor media placements and exhibitions or roadshows.

In today's age of social media, people's attention spans...

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In "EP 6: How to Build a Million-Dollar Business" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, we discover how you go about building a million dollar business.

In layman’s terms, it means a company should have secured a million dollars worth of business to be considered as one.

The term “million dollar business'' in itself is a vague term. There are several ways to value a business. If someone offers to buy your business for a million dollars, i...

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April 13, 2022 20 mins

In "Episode 5: Does FOMO Marketing Work on You?" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, we explore the “fear of missing out” phenomenon, also known as FOMO. 

The FOMO marketing strategy is a form of marketing in which you leverage the customer’s time-sensitive desire and market to them in order to make a sale. The marketing message and advertising is structured in a very specific way. Such that, it triggers impulsive customers to make a pu...

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In "Episode 4: Why did "Ah Girls Go Army" the Movie Make $2.5mil?" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, we explore how a film that was universally  critically panned still made big money at the local box office.

“Ah Girls Go Army” follows the first batch of female recruits as they undergo and serve National Service in the fictional near future of Singapore. This movie is a spinoff of the popular and financially successful “Ah Boys to Men...

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In "Episode 3: How Scammers Use Digital Marketing in Scams" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, learn how scammers use digital marketing tactics to scam people online.

Online scams have been on the rise and scammers are becoming much more sophisticated in the execution and methodology of their scams. They are using technology and digital marketing tactics to bait and lure unsuspecting victims into phishing scams. 

According to Wikipedia...

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March 30, 2022 17 mins

In "Episode 2: When to Ask for More Money" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, learn when is the right time to ask for more money.

If you are a business owner, this refers to justifying when to raise the price of your product or service. And if you are an employee, it means asking or negotiating for your salary raise, bonus or promotion.

You may think that you deserve a raise or are justified in charging higher prices because of the ti...

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March 30, 2022 9 mins

In "Episode 1: The Secret to Marketing Anything" of the “One Eye Deer” Podcast, learn how you can market anything by knowing this one secret. This applies to a business owner marketing a product or service or an employee looking to stand out to get a raise, promotion or bonus.

  • Why should someone choose to buy your product or service over a competitor?
  • Why should you rece...
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