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May 26, 2024 27 mins

 Welcome to another episode of One Hot Mess. In this episode, we discuss the fascinating world of manifestation techniques. We cover everything from the law of attraction, visualization, and vision boards, to affirmations and gratitude.

Discover the power of scripting, the 3-6-9 method, and the two-cup method. Learn about the pillow method, the placemat method, and creating a manifestation box. We also explore the law of assumption, meditation, journaling, and raising your vibration through self-love.

We touch on the benefits of sound healing, hypnotherapy, the emotional freedom technique, subliminal messaging, and crystal healing. Find out how numerology and moon rituals can boost your manifestation efforts. Lastly, we emphasize the importance of working in silence and acting as if you already have what you desire.

Join us as we explore these powerful tools to attract the life you want. Stay positive, stay focused, and trust that the universe is working in your favor. Thank you for listening to One Hot Mess. Don't forget to hit the follow button and share this episode with a friend!

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Hey guys, it's Brittany and welcome to another episode of One Hot Mess.
So, as some of you may know,
we have been talking about manifestation and numerology in the last couple of

episodes and today we're going to continue talking about.
Manifestation techniques okay so
this is basically like a guide to living
your wildest dreams okay so let's
jump into it so of course you've

all heard of the law of attraction it's the belief
that positive thoughts attract positivity
in your life and vice versa for negative thoughts and this belief stems from
the understanding that the universe is made up of energy and we can attract
as well as manifest our desires using our thoughts and feelings.

Feelings as such like attracts
like many believe the law of
attraction is a universal law similar to
that of gravity ultimately practicing
this method it comes down to you and your beliefs then of course there's a visual

visualization and obviously this technique is used to visualize Visualize an
image of what you want to attract.
You can create a mental image in your mind, or you can use an image you have
sourced to help with this exercise.

Think about the sights, smells, feels, and everything in between.
We want to get as clear as possible with the image. like if you want to take
better care of your health visualize yourself eating healthier meals going for
daily runs you know working out and so on.

And vision board. I love me a vision board, okay y'all?
But while on the topic of visualization, why not create a vision board?
A vision board is where you can store all sorts of images and phrases of what
you want to attract into your life.

Essentially, with a vision board, you are creating a visual representation of
your dreams, hopes, goals, and desires.
And even like plenty of famous people swear by vision boards and manifestation in general.

Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, even though I dislike her.
Anyway, getting on with it. but you can
create a virtual vision board for your
phone or desktop and a physical one like on a bulletin board i personally have
made mine on a little poster board whatchamacallit from dollar general i actually

have an app on my phone to make them also just saying,
yeah creating a vision board is a fun activity to
just keep you focused on the prize and it's
kind of a good idea to tackle one area of your
life at a time when you pick images for your
board for example in regards to health you want to eat more veggies you want

to go for daily walks you want to stretch regularly and once you complete brainstorming
ideas of how to take better care of your health,
you can look for images to match that and then move on to another area of your life.
And of course, there's the good old affirmations. They're positive statements

that can be repeated daily to help shift your mindset.
There isn't one right way to use affirmations. You can write them down,
speak them out loud, repeat them three times a day, or silently think about them.
It just kind of comes down to your preference and need.
And there are plenty of affirmations that can help you manifest what you want into your life.

You know, there's like, I am strong.
I am a strong, caring, and helpful person that deserves all the abundance the universe has to offer.
That's a goodie. gratitude just
as the sun needs the rain we need
gratitude my people gratitude is

a manifestation technique that asks one thing of you the one thing is to practice
the powerful act of being grateful for your life so the more and more you practice
the act of being grateful the more natural it it becomes.
Yeah, a lot of people struggle with this, you know, trying to find things to

be grateful for every day.
You know, it's kind of hard sometimes, yes, but you can practice it by writing
down one thing that you're grateful for every day.
It can be something as simple as, I had a nice shower today.
And eventually you can increase your one-liner to a list of things you you feel
grateful to have in your life.

And there is manifestation scripting, which I just did an episode about.
Anyway, it's a powerful tool to enhance your manifestation by writing out the
desired outcome of your goals and your dreams.
The art of scripting involves, you know, writing a letter to the universe or

God, whoever you feel called to, and defining the life you want to live in the present tense.
Some people say the present or past. It's kind of tricky, you know,
because I guess it could really work either way.
When scripting in the past tense, you may have a sense of trust that you have

already achieved the goals that you seek.
And, yeah, I mean, yeah, it just comes down to your personal preference, I guess, guys.
But it's important to cover every aspect from what you feel,
what you see, and what exactly you are doing in the reality that you want to achieve.

Details are so, so, so, so important.
And after you've completed the script, read it out loud to yourself and put it away. way.
Don't try not to think about it or look at the script.
It's a good idea to practice the law of detachment with script manifestation.
Letting go, you know, just like Elsa caught in the never ending song, let it go.

This technique involves the law of detachment, which is the practice of letting
go of attachment to a certain desired outcome instead of hoping,
dwelling, and ruminating.
You just trust the universe to take the lead and provide you with the best possible outcome.

And by letting go, you're not giving up. Oh, no, no, no, no, you're not.
Rather, you are surrendering to the process.
Mm-hmm. So just trust that the timing is always right.
And then there is the 3-6-9 method. This is one that I am personally working

on or have been doing for about a couple weeks or so now.
But this method is based on Nikola Tesla's teachings in which he proposed that
the numbers three six and nine are the key to the universe so this method involves

writing three affirmations.
It involves writing three affirmations six times a day for nine days and you
may choose to focus on a specific intention or desire and use that in lieu of an affirmation but,

I kind of prefer to create and use an affirmation for my desire there really
isn't a set number of days to
continue this practice, but anywhere from 21 to 40 days is a good start.
And it's important to.
Oh so sorry to understand

that manifestation techniques should be
used with actionable steps and let
me just clear something up the 369 method
you write your intention three times in the
morning six times in the afternoon and nine
times in a night

like before bed or whatever whenever ever we're meant
to be together that's like that Shakira song
oh anyway I'm getting distracted all right then we have something that's called
the two cup method and this involves writing down your current reality and your
desired reality and then you tape each reality to a cup with water.

Half full in it then pick
up your current reality glass hold it and feel
right into it how does that feel then
you'll take the current reality and pour it into
your desired cup you'll hold that cup and
bring the emotion into what you know it

will feel like when you've achieved it and by
doing this you're infusing the water with the
desired reality that you seek lastly you
drink that water that desired reality water
to infuse that energy into your body
if you're wondering why water is used
in this process that's because water is known on to

hold high vibrational energy interesting
huh pillow method so for the pillow method you just take a piece of paper you
write your desire on it you read it out loud and you place that sucker under
your pillow yep you're essentially allowing yourself to release negative energy.

Tied to that manifestation because well sorry i miss kind of skipped a part of that,
so you put the note under your pillow leave
it there okay don't mess with it leave it there for weeks months or whatever
and doing this will help release worries and fears around the manifestation

not coming through yeah so you're essentially allowing yourself to release negative
energy tied to that manifestation,
which allows you to receive that which you wish to achieve.
And you can keep the paper under your pillow until you've let go of any fear
you have attached to it or until you have achieved the desired result.

Okay, another one is placemat method.
The placemat process by Abraham Hicks involved using the law of attraction to
do less yet attract more.
So draw a line down the middle of paper.
Then on one side, write a to-do list of tasks that need to be completed today.

And on the other side, write down things for the universe.
That need to be completed, but don't require immediate attention.
Take a picture of your personal to-do list, not the universe side,
and then throw away the list.
Then you're just going to go about your day, complete your task,

and forget about the universe's to-do list.
When you write down things, when you write things you need down,
you're letting the universe know, no, I need you to do those things for me and
that you can take care of the rest.
And by doing this, you're allowing yourself to receive from the universe.

So let's say I want to create a placemat list, my personal list.
I don't know, it might look like take the dog for a walk, take Callie for a walk.
Or take the trash to the road. uh or hell i don't know write an idea for next

episode of one hot mess okay so that would be my to-do list.
And yeah, write a paragraph for a new post.
And while the universe's list may contain finish a blog post,
meal prep for the week, and plan our summer trip, next, I'd like to keep a memory

of the tasks at hand and discard the rest.
Essentially, you are asking the universe for assistance by studying and forgetting.
And I totally just confused myself a little bit with that.
And I'm sorry if I did you guys also sorry my bad oh no no no sorry my drink it's very loud.

Okay so up next we have the manifestation box so as the law of attraction states
energy goes where energy flows so write down and create a place to house your
thoughts your goals and your ambitions positions to let that energy flow.
Simply put, keep the things that you want to manifest in a manifestation box

and sprinkle it with good intentions.
Before you begin decorating your box, set your intention for the box.
Once you've set your intention, forget it. Don't dwell on it.
Then add your manifestations, wishes, pictures, or objects, the things you want to manifest.
Oh man like i've never heard of this one i'd never heard of this one and i've

never tried it and i so want to it sounds pretty fun actually i feel like you know but yeah so.
The law of assumption is the practice of assuming that what you want to happen
will happen and this law allows you to attract anything you desire into your life.

We need to step into assuming that we are already living in our desired reality
and embody that version of ourselves.
When we deeply feel into that reality, we are letting it unfold for us.
In turn, we create our reality. There are studies that speak to confirmation

bias, that your brain looks for ways to prove your beliefs,
so we need to affirm and assume the desired version of ourselves for it to become our reality.
And you've probably heard about the benefits of meditation but the reality is

it's tough to sit in silence and watch your thoughts run.
But anyway, manifestation, you know, by stepping into a meditation,
you're allowing ease into your life and welcoming ideas to flow freely.
So just in that meditation, when you're sitting there, visualize everything

you want in life, what you want to be.
Settle into the emotions behind it and breathe deeply.
And of course, there's journaling. I think we all know about that.
Write down what you're grateful for, creating a love letter to yourself.
You can use scripting, weekly intentions, bullet journaling, affirmations.

You can use any format you like and you're not required to stick to one thing,
but it's an important habit to create when you're trying to attract your desired life.
Oh, this one guys is so, so, so important.
Important raise your vibration raise

your vibration via your self-love journey a self-love
journey is when you decide to stop drop everything and
roll into prioritizing yourself how'd y'all like that some silly people out
there might confuse it with being selfish but i assure you there is nothing
selfish about loving yourself to start with writing down goals for personal growth,

identify what you need to work on, pour your love languages back to yourself,
and lastly, do a social media and real life cleanse.
You cannot raise your vibration if you're stuck or stagnant in unhealthy relationships
or expectations of yourself. self.

So move, get up, grow, and vibrate higher.
Then we also have sound healing or frequency therapy.
This is a manifestation technique that's often used to heal your body.
And although there isn't always science to back manifestation methods,

people believe that sound healing can help you manifest your goals and your
desires by improving your mental and emotional state.
And the idea behind downhilling is that by using different vibrations and frequencies,
your body and mind embrace a therapeutic effect.

Hypnotherapy is a technique that allows you to pass your ego and speak to your
subconscious mind, and it's typically performed by a licensed healthcare provider.
But basically, you would be placed into a deep meditative state to help achieve
your subconscious mind, not achieve it, but access it, that mind,

and then replace it with what you want.
In order to fall into alignment with your desires,
you would drop down from your higher beta brainwave state into alpha and theta
waves to speak directly to your limiting beliefs.

By shifting your limiting beliefs, you're allowing your manifestations to take flight.
Okay, just a couple more y'all. so the
emotional freedom technique is often
referred to as tapping and is
used to neutralize negative energy blocks in your body by sending calming signals

to your brain so this technique lets you release negative energy around beliefs
you have about yourself so basically you start Start by sitting down,
you rate your belief from 0 to 10,
then begin tapping at different points in your body and you think of the negative

ideas or statements around that belief.
And after a few minutes, you stop, you rate the intensity of that belief again,
and if it still feels intense, then keep going.
And once the intensity has dropped down
to zero start tapping with positive beliefs
to replace the negative ones now that one i can't really explain and go into

too much detail but you guys if you've never heard of eft tapping or whatever
definitely google it's very interesting even just to do not even just for a manifestation.
All right, subliminal messaging is the audio recordings that contain hidden
affirmations, vibrations, or frequencies, which are created to be perceived

by your subconscious mind.
In the audio, it helps shift your dominant beliefs and in turn manifest your desires.
To successfully use subliminals, you need to allow for the messages to bypass your conscious mind.
In order to work in your favor of your conscious mind, use subliminals that

you know are in acceptable alignment with you.
Once you consciously believe that you are destined to manifest the life you want,
then you're opening up the messaging
for your subconscious mind to you
imprint those beliefs and when you start

to believe the new thoughts you
change the way you behave think and feel to align with your goals and your desires
and i believe nope we've got a couple more crystal healing has been known for
a long time to provide direct benefits to your overall wellness.

And while there are tons of crystals, you know, each with its own vibrational
energy, not all of them will match your energy and needs.
So it's important when you're starting your crystal healing journey to begin
with something like crystal quartz. Okay. Okay.
It's just known for its ability to amplify energy and provide mental clarity.

And to manifest using a crystal, start by visualizing yourself already living
with your desire in detail.
Next, create some affirmations to align with your manifestation.
And lastly, hold the crystal in your hands and repeat the affirmations while
visualizing your goals. and repeat this as necessary and just hold true to your vision.

Numerology is a manifestation technique that can be used to manifest wealth
and abundance because numbers play a vital role for those that believe in the
good fortune of numerology.
We just talked about this in I think the last episode or the one before that.
We touched on some numerology, But each number is meant to possess unique energy

and represent different opportunities.
And for some, purchasing a home with the numerals like 3, 6,
8, 9, and 11 is considered good luck.
Another way numbers play an important part is when we see angel numbers.
You know, repetitive or predictable patterns of numbers.

11 11 7 7 7
2 2 2 you know when trying to manifest
our desired reality even dates in
and around the new or full
moon are considered to be the best time
to manifest okay there's

also a full moon or a new moon ritual that's very
powerful tool that can help you set intentions let go of the the past and focus
on achieving your goals and these rituals they can be tailored to your individual
needs and range from lighting candles or incense to meditating on goals and desires.

The moon is the brightest during the full
moon emitting a strong energy which
is a time of heightened awareness in connection
to the universe whereas the new
moon is considered a time of new beginnings and
a fresh start so naturally manifesting during the full or new moon welcomes

clarity focused focus and heightened energy and work in silence okay that is
the best way to protect your dreams from negative energy.
Yeah, just like, keep what's sacred to you quiet and let success be your noise.

Sometimes telling others your dreams welcomes their opinions,
which honestly, you don't fucking need.
Excuse my mouth, my language. Fuel your own fire and only seek advice from those
that are on your playing field.
And of course, acting like you already have it is by far one of the best ways to actually have it.

And I'm pretty sure you all know what I mean by that.
Just have that mindset that you already have it and you are good.
But anyways, guys, seriously, I hope that you find these manifestation techniques
to be helpful in your spiritual and your wellness journey.

Journey these techniques are powerful tools that can help you attract the life you want,
you know i don't usually stick to one manifestation technique i either flip
flop between a few or mindfully practice only one but you know as life changes
so will the techniques you use,

so yeah just by using these tools you can shift your energy and focus on what
you want to create And remember, the key to manifesting what you want is to stay positive,
stay focused, and trust that the universe is working in your favor, guys.

All right, guys. Thank you so, so much for listening to today's episode of One
Hot Mess. I greatly appreciate it.
Please please hit that follow button and share one hot mess with a friend and
I will talk to you guys next time have the most amazing beautiful day.

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