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Pixels & Paint, the official MakersPlace podcast, ignores hype and FUD to focus on what matters: great conversations with great artists and collectors across disciplines. Join us every week for one-on-one interviews as well as a regular series of panel discussions and more.


November 9, 2023 82 mins

"Artists may have one of the most important jobs—connecting with people’s emotions, bringing them together, making them think, healing them." — David Ariew


David Ariew (ar-ee-ev) is a skilled 3D artist, animator, and educator with expertise in creating visually striking narratives. He is well-known across the 3D and NFT worlds for his mastery of 3D animation tools and his ability to craft immersive experiences that meld the bou...

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"I define success as being able to create what you want, when you want, where you want, how you want." — Marco Santini 

About Marco Santini

Marco Santini is a multifaceted artist with a background in sports, broadcasting, and branding, who has fully embraced his creative calling. His art draws from a rich tapestry of experiences and influences, combining elements of language, love, and community engagement. Marco's work is characte...

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September 27, 2023 56 secs

Thanks for so much for joining us for Season 1 of Pixels & Paint. We're planning an even better Season 2 for early 2024. In the meantime, check out any of the episodes you may have missed.

E01: Empress Trash

E02: Norcal_Guy and Signal Noise

E03: Rob Sheridan

E04: Vakseen

E05: Leo Caillard

E06: sgt_slaughtermelon

E07: noCreative

E08: Ana Maria Caballero

E09: Leo Crane

E10: Scott Sholder

E11: Originalplan

E12: Eric P. Rhodes


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"Your art has to come from you, your faults, and your greatness. That's how your work comes out. It comes out like you." - Vincent D'Onofrio


About Laurence Fuller

Laurence Fuller is a British-Australian actor, writer, and artist best known for his roles in films like "The Slaughter" and the HBO series where he portrayed David Hockney. He's also known for his active social media presence, particularly on Twitter, where he engages ...

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"We have this urge to communicate ideas, and when words fail, we turn to other mediums." — jrdsctt


About jrdsctt

Minneapolis-born digital artist jrdsctt is a MakersPlace OG and a staple of the community with over 250 unique collectors on MakersPlace. With his Genesis Drop, jrdsctt invites a new element into his creative process: artificial intelligence.   


jrdsctt joined MakersPlace as an artist in early 2019. He later became t...

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“When it comes to the actual meaning and purpose of art, people take away whatever they want from it based on their own perspectives. What we really focus on is the human experience, allowing people to feel emotional reactions.” — Christian Burke


About Christian Burke

In this revealing interview with Pixels and Paint, we get an in-depth look into the world of data scientist Christian Burke, right-hand man to Refik Anadol. Navigat...

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August 24, 2023 49 secs

Come back on September 7th for our interview with glitch and AI maestro jrdsctt! Follow us on Twitter @makersplace

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"People are always so afraid of the butterfly effect, that if they did the smallest little thing in the past, it would create a gigantic ripple into the future. Yet people in the present aren't willing to accept that small changes now will have giant ripple effects in the future." — Adam Levine

About Adam Levine, aka Adamtastic

Adamtastic (@adamtastic) is an award-winning Creative Director with a passion for telling stories. He s...

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"I hope that this work helps people experience blackness in a way that is not traumatic, that is peaceful, affirming. I hope for collectors of color that they find some moment of peace and healing in this black existence through what these artists have shared to heal." — Kirsten Magwood

"Artists ask questions, and it's that open-endedness that leads to design thinking, repositioning settled history as open possibility." — Marc Bamu...

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"I want to make stories through art music that reflect our current times, using sounds and visuals that connect with how we experience the world today. That means the human and the machine working together." - Maria Finkelmeier

About Maria Finkelmeier

Maria Finkelmeier is a multi-faceted artist, teacher, and entrepreneur. She is a seasoned percussionist and composer, and her work expands into public art and music technology. Mari...

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"What I do in art is an excuse to do philosophy in some way. Because I love philosophy. I like to theorize and think about technology, sociology, economics, and politics. But I feel sometimes, if I explain that in words, I lose time when I can explain it in pieces." — A.L. Crego

About A.L. Crego

A.L. Crego (@ALCrego) is a GIF artist renowned for creating hypnotic visual mantras that oscillate between the stillness of a picture and ...

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"Unlike the closely guarded secrets of the photography world, glitch artists are often eager to share their techniques. With the Glitch Artists Collective, we even have a group dedicated to teaching new techniques, called "Tool Time," where members are eager to share their discoveries." - Dawnia Darkstone


About Dawnia Darkstone

Glitch artist Dawnia Darkstone (@letsglitchit) evolved from photography to glitch after being enthralle...

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"I see an opportunity here to grow, both as a creator and as a mentor for younger individuals like me." — Eric P. Rhodes

About Eric P. Rhodes

Eric P. Rhodes (@ericprhodes) is a digital artist and crypto OG whose strong perspective and distinctive approach have contributed a great deal to the web3 culture, including his creation and fostering of the Alt Punks movement and his early involvement in the trash art scene. 


Eric's work ...

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"[Originalplan® is] not a brand, and it never will be a brand. It’s an idea, a way of looking at art and design and not separating the two." — Originalplan®

About Originalplan®


Originalplan® (@origamiplan), also known as OP by friends and associates, is a multidisciplinary digital artist and designer who splits his time between Budapest and Mexico City. 


His innovative work combines street art and collectible culture with cutti...

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"In the legal field, the consensus isn't that law firms will be replaced by AI, but law firms that don't adopt AI will be replaced by ones that do." — Scott Sholder


About Scott Sholder

Scott J. Sholder (@scottsholder), Co-Chair of the Cowan DeBaets Abrahams & Sheppard LLP’s Litigation group, focuses his practice on litigation, counseling, and dispute resolution in connection with entertainment, media, and intellectual property ma...

"The nexus of community, creativity, industry, commerce, and collaboration is a vital part of my practice." — Leo Crane

About Leo Crane

Leo Crane is a highly-regarded animator and artist known for his work in both animation and fine art. He is a co-founder of the creative studio Figuration.


Leo Crane studied at Bournemouth University, where he earned a Master of Arts with Distinction in 3D Computer Animation. His early success ca...

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"There's something quite beautiful in seeing how a poem can be made to move, not just through time as you're reading it, but also visually across the page." — Ana Maria Caballero


About Ana Maria Caballero

Welcome to episode 8 of Pixels & Paint. Today’s guest is Ana Maria Caballero, a first-generation Colombian-American poet and artist, recognized for both her writing and her role as a trailblazer of crypto poetry

In her work, A...

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"When I start working, everything else disappears. It's like meditation for me." — noCreative

About noCreative

Kristian Levin, also known as noCreative (@NoCreative_eth), is a professional retouch artist and photographer with 15 years of experience who turned into a 3D artist. He's based in Copenhagen, Denmark. His work centers around 3D-based art, with emphasis on an exploration of architecture, art history, and the radical move...

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"The key is not to take ourselves too seriously. If we truly understand the meaninglessness of it all, then irony and nonchalance make more sense than nobility or defiance." — sgt_slaughtermelon

About sgt_slaughtermelon

sgt_slaughtermelon (@sgt_sl8termelon) is a digital artist working mostly in abstract compositions — often code-driven. His designs span the gamut from looking backward to modernist and Bahaus-influenced geometric ab...

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"The biggest challenge when you start to gain visibility in your art is avoiding the comfort zone. Comfort is the enemy of art and creation." — Leo Caillard 

About Leo Caillard

Today, we are thrilled to have with us digital artist and marble sculptor, Leo Caillard (@leocaillard). A proponent of new technologies and science, Leo’s interests lay in exploring time and quantum physics and our relationship with time, eventually leaving ...

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