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March 15, 2024 77 mins

In this episode of Reloscope: The Relationships Science Insights Podcast, host Marie Stella dives deep into the intricate connections between family dynamics and our romantic lives. Joined by relationships counselor and Director of North Brisbane Psychologists, Dr. Rachel Hannam, they explore the subtle yet profound influences of our nearest and dearest present-day romantic pursuits.

Dr. Rachel, a fervent advocate for life-long learning and emotional self-care, co-founded North Brisbane Psychologists in 2012. She brings her wealth of experience to the discussion, shedding light on the significance of understanding and addressing one's family and childhood influences. Marie, in turn, candidly shares personal anecdotes from her past, revealing how these early experiences quietly shaped her love life.

In 'From Childhood to Commitment: How Your Family Shapes Your Love Life',  Rachel and Marie unravel patterns and behaviors rooted in family backgrounds. Together, they discuss the complexities of relationships while offering valuable insights into harmonizing differing views on commitment, especially when partners come from diverse family backgrounds.

Join us for another insightful conversation about how our families often play the role of matchmaker or matchbreaker in our romantic lives.

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