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March 26, 2024 1 min

(Season 65: Episode 02)

When Jesus came to Jerusalem that first Easter week, He didn’t just come to celebrate the Passover...He came to fulfill it! The very first Passover occurred when Moses was trying to free the Israelite slaves from Egypt. Pharoah had seen God’s might and will through nine plagues that had come upon his nation.

But Pharoah, after making false promises, would go back on his word; and God would warn him again. The tenth plague killed every firstborn son, except for the ones that had the blood of a lamb without blemish on their door frame. And that blood was the substitute for their sins. And for hundreds of years before, the blood of a spotless lamb was the only temporary substitution for sins. But Jesus...He came to shed the perfect, final, atoning blood on the cross.

And all who put their trust in Him alone, God counts as righteous by His substitution. For more about the Gospel and how to share it, visit


ShareLifeAfrica is a Christian radio and podcast program of Evangelism Explosion International Africa Ministry; that is committed to equipping you with the tools and resources needed to confidently and effectively share your faith with others.”

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