That Wellness Podcast with Natalie Deering: Internal Family Systems with a Twist

That Wellness Podcast with Natalie Deering: Internal Family Systems with a Twist

We all have parts and all parts are welcome! In this podcast, licensed mental health therapist and IFS Level 2 practitioner Natalie Deering dives into all things wellness while adding an IFS twist. Natalie provides interesting interviews, personal chats, and guided meditations all while incorporating an internal family systems therapy perspective.


November 27, 2023 54 mins

In today's episode I am joined by Dr. Nadia Ramo, a.k.a. Dr. Bones, as we discuss the connection between Chinese medicine and IFS. "Symptoms are the language of our body"- Dr. Ramo.


Topics Covered in the Episode Include:

1. Nadia's story behind the name, Dr. Bones, her healer alias

2. Nadia's journey to Chinese medicine and the importance of tea ceremony


Mark as Played

In today's episode I am joined by IFS and sandtray extraordinaire, Leslie Petruk! 


Topics Covered in Episode Include:

1. Leslie's history with IFS and how her first introduction to IFS was a "part shit show"

2. Leslie's transition from sandtray to IFS

3. What is sandtray

4. Intention of the miniatures

5. Purpose and intention of sandtray

6. Benefits of externalizing parts with miniatures/figurines

7. Self-energy externalized

8. U...

Mark as Played

Stephanie Ryall is back for another episode on the podcast and this time she's talking about trauma and the brain.  She discusses the impacts trauma can have on the brain as well as various interventions for trauma healing.  I learned so much in this episode.  I hope you enjoy! 


Topics covered in today's episode include:

1. What is trauma

2. Cover up disorders and protector parts

3. The negative impact of isolation after trauma a...

Mark as Played

Today's episode meant a lot to me as I got to interview an IFS mentor of mine, Dr. Frank Anderson.  Frank and I discuss his chapter in the book Altogether Us, called "Embodying IFS with Sexual Orientation: Trauma Healing as a Path to the Integrated Self".   Frank and I both share personal stories regarding this topic and had a great time getting to know each other.  I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did!


Topics Cover...

Mark as Played

In today's episode I am joined by adventurist and nature lover, Terry Prichard.  Voted "My Favorite Guide" by National Geographic Adventure Magazine, he has lived a life filled with adventure, from hitch-hiking across the country to surviving a bear attack in Alaska, he's filled with stories and life lessons.


Topics covered in episode include:

1. Terry's introduction to the outdoors

2. The importance of connecting with nature for...

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In today's episode I am joined by Dr. Nancy Morgan as we discuss all things IFS and psychedelics.  


Topics covered in this episode include:

1. Nancy's own journey to IFS and psychedelics 

2. Psychedelic research

3. IFS informed preparation before sitting with someone on their medicine journey

4. "Bad trips" and how they could be connected to polarized parts

5. Ego death and how it relates to parts

6. Self-led vs. part-led guiding


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In today's episode, I am joined by Tammy Waldron as we discuss ThetaHealing® and the power it has for healing.  Through out the episode I share my own personal experience receiving a ThetaHealing® session with Tammy and the impacts it's had on my life. 


Topics covered in episode include:

1. Parallels of IFS and ThetaHealing® 

2. Tammy's personal story and the impact of being adopted

3. History of ThetaHealing® 

4. What is ThetaHe...

Mark as Played

Relax and listen as Tammy guides you through a ThetaHealing® meditation to access a Theta brain wave state.  Take note of what comes up for you during the meditation.  If possible, take some time to reflect at the end by journaling or sitting quietly for a moment. Enjoy! 


Tammy Waldron:


Instagram- @towandawellbeing


Mark as Played

I am joined once again by ADHD extraordinaire, Dr. Tamara Rosier.  In today's episode we dive into a conversation regarding ADHD as a neurological difference vs. ADHD-like symptoms related to trauma and stress.  Dr. Rosier discusses medication as an option for treatment, as well as a vast list of options for a more holistic/natural approach to treating ADHD.


Topics covered in episode include:

1. How and why does someone develop A...

Mark as Played

In today's episode Andree Philpot shares about the powerful benefits and tenants of trauma sensitive yoga, and the impact it has when working with others who have experienced trauma of various kinds. 


Andree is a trauma-sensitive yoga facilitator living in Cincinnati Ohio, science teacher, and an activist involved in anti-human trafficking efforts who is passionate about helping others overcome and heal from their trauma in order...

Mark as Played

This episode is a MUST for anyone and everyone, regardless of whether you are womb-bodied, infertile, perimenopausal, or menopausal.  EVERYONE will benefit from the information shared in today's episode and I am so excited to share it with you! 


Today I am joined by Jenny Griffith. Jenny is an Ayurvedic practitioner, chef, and herbalist, specializing in addiction recovery and women’s health.  She has become a beacon of knowledge ...

Mark as Played

In today's episode, coach of the coaches, Brian Jaudon shares his amazing wisdom on how to incorporate IFS with coaching by looking at the whole person.  In the middle of the episode, Brian invites me to experience a taste of his coaching model where he helps me get in contact with a professional vision I've been carrying, along with the parts of me that carry fears and excitement surrounding this particular vision for my business....

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Definitely grab a notebook and something to write with for this one!  I chat with Adora Winquist for our part 2 discussion about the 5 pillars of modern alchemy and how they can help us harness our power for trauma healing.

Topics covered in this episode include:

-  What is modern alchemy

-  The 5 pillars of modern alchemy:

    1. Essential oils

    2. Crystals: Quartz for trauma healing. 

    3. Meditation: Benefits of meditation....

Mark as Played

Grab a notebook and something to write with, Adora Winquist shares some amazing information regarding trauma and how we can connect with the modern alchemist within to aide in our healing.  Topics covered in today's episode include:


1. Adora's path to vibrational medicine through her own trauma history.

2. Energy influence and how water can be impacted by vibrational energy.          - Adora shares language for a water ceremony t...

Mark as Played

Today's episode is a cool one!  I sit with author, coach, and IFS practitioner Gale West about her book, Money Come Dance with Me.  This conversation was very impactful for me as I share parts of me that carry burdens related to money throughout the episode. Topics covered include:


1. Money (and your business) has a consciousness

2. Money as a spiritual teacher

3. Legacy, cultural, and ancestral burdens with money

4. Fun facts ab...

Mark as Played

In this episode I interview Allyson Blythe on non-violent communication and how it relates to IFS.  Allyson is a certified life coach and licensed clinical social worker.  She has over 30 years of experience with educating, equipping, and empowering her clients by building success from the inside out digging deep into their longstanding patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that no longer serve them. Allyson is the author of the books, ...

Mark as Played

It was an honor to record with wellness advocate, Shelby Pressley.  Shelby is a former high school english teacher and is now the business owner of Ever-Evolving Wellness in Cincinnati Ohio. She describes herself as a wellness advocate specializing in women and women of color, helping people have the discussion about mental health, personal and professional boundaries, and doing whats best for you.  


In this episode we discuss: 


Mark as Played

This episode was a real treat to be able to sit with my IFS Level 1 lead trainer Ann Sinko and talk with her about her speciality of legacy burdens.  In the episode Ann shares her history and relationship with IFS, how IFS is a constraint release model, what are legacy burdens, epigenetics, how to identify legacy burdens, adaption and LB's, covert vs. overt ways to get legacy burdens, the 9 rules of shame (used to be 8), and the st...

Mark as Played

It was such an honor and a privilege to be able to sit with Dick and interview him about IFS for this episode.  Dr. Richard Schwartz, or Dick as he likes to be called, invented internal family systems therapy over 40 years ago. 

In this episode he dives into the history of IFS and how it came to be and the challenges he faced when brining it into the world of psychology.  He discusses what is IFS, parts, and Self.  He also discusse...

Mark as Played

Jessica Lichaa is one of my biggest mentors!  Her passion and genuine interest in topics such as conscious awakening and healing can be easily felt as she shares about her amazing knowledge within this episode.  We discuss embodiment, yoga, the pain body, mitochondria, discharging energy with movement to help with trauma healing/processing, kundalini as purification energy within us all, Piti, and exercises to help you begin your e...

Mark as Played

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