The HealthyGirl Podcast

The HealthyGirl Podcast

The HealthyGirl Podcast is hosted by Danielle Brown, the ”healthy girl” behind HealthyGirl Kitchen. Danielle is a vegan food + lifestyle influencer, and certified holistic health coach. Every week, Danielle dishes on topics centered on health, wellness, plant-based eating, cooking, self-care, and being your best self. Danielle loves sharing healthy easy plant-based recipes and tips with her 2.4 million followers. She lives in sunny Boca Raton, Florida, and lives with her husband and vegan soulmate, Ari.


April 12, 2023 62 mins

Welcome Clara Peirce to the podcast! She is a lifestyle influencer and content creator. From cocktails, cleaning to everything in between. She provides so much motivation for how to streamline your life. If you need inspiration for cleaning, menu planning, organizing your life, getting your life together, making yourself a workout schedule, tips for how to grocery shop on a budget, time batching, how to be more productive and makin...

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Today's guest is the OG vegan foodie: FullyRaw Kristina! By 2005, when she was nearly 20 years old, Kristina won my battle against Type-2 diabetes and hy-perglycemia. She REVERSED the effects of her diagnosis by eating a fully raw vegan diet--and in just under two years. We discuss raw veganism, what she eats in a day being fully raw, how she gets warm if she doesn't eat cooked food, alcohol + drugs, eating healthy in college, secr...
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Talking with physical therapist + pregnancy expert, Dr. Kat Vigo about everything from the most common complaints and pains in pregnancy and how to treat and prevent them, the best forms of exercise pregnant and what exercises to avoid, pelvic floor dysfunction, listening to your gut and being your own advocate during labor and birth, whether pregnant women are as fragile as we think they are, things that we think are normal during...

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Dr. Elliot Berlin joins us on the HealthyGirl podcast for a second time! He is the chiropractor to the stars, specializing in pregnancy and postnatal care. Some of his patients include celebs like Hilary Duff! We talk about the importance of seeing a prenatal chiropractor in pregnancy, the best sleeping positions for pregnant women, choosing the right providers, the secrets to having an unmedicated birth, tips for heartburn in preg...

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Talking to fellow foodie Eitan Bernath about his debut on Chopped at 11 years old, how he runs a successful business at only 20, growing up in the spotlight, how Eitan has become a hugely popular content creator, his tips for young entrepreneurs, tips for beginners in the kitchen, and more!    Eitan Bernath is an award-winning chef, entertainer, author, TV personality, and activist. Eitan is the chief executive officer of Eitan Pr...
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Talking about what goes on behind the scenes in the home of a recipe content and lifestyle creator with my assistant Taylor! How I record, what camera I use, lighting, whether we hire professional videographers, Taylor spills what it’s really like working closely with an influencer, how we source ingredients on the daily, how I keep organized, tips for hiring and expanding your staff, Taylor’s role, prepping food, do we eat the foo...

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January 24, 2023 24 mins

Giving you all the details (the good, the bad, and the ugly) on my pregnancy, specifically the 2nd trimester. I share everything I’ve been going through, from heartburn, throwing up every single day, the best belly band, anatomy scan anxiety, baby ahead of schedule, what I’ve been eating in a day, and the honest truth of every symptom I’ve been experiencing. Whether you are a mom, an expecting mom, a future mama or just want to kno...

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Answering your top questions with my husband Ari from my IG "ask me anything" this week on the podcast in depth. Diving deep into talking about my vegan pregnancy and whether my doctors support being plant-based while pregnant, giving you ALL the juicy details on the HealthyGirl Kitchen Cookbook, whether we plan to raise our children vegan, how to make tofu actually taste good, handling social events when following a specific diet ...

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This episode is truly wellness 101. I interviewed my functional medicine practitioner and physician of acupuncture, Kim Marrone A.P. Kim and I dive deep into discussing elimination diets, a woman's gut microbiome, stool tests, whether everyone should eliminate gluten (and the best kind of bread you can buy), the great soy debate, how stress affects our gut, non-sleep deep rest, stress reducers, importance of sleep, how skin issues ...

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November 8, 2022 63 mins

The secret is out. I'm pregnant! I wanted to share a podcast episode with all the details of what's been going on thus far in my pregnancy. I am talking about my previous pregnancy loss, how I found out I'm pregnant, cravings, symptoms, aversions, anxieties, thoughts, feelings, first ultrasound, first trimester tips, what I eat in a day, etc! 

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September 6, 2022 34 mins

Welcome to meal prepping 101. Today's guest is Dini Klein, aka the QUEEN of meal prep. She's here to teach you the ultimate tips and tricks for saving time in the kitchen. Her motto is: one hour of cooking, a week of delicious meals. We dive into when to meal prep, how to properly clean your pans, kitchen essentials for the meal prep, the life-changing baking sheet you need, the best day to grocery shop, and more! Dini's book also ...

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June 28, 2022 24 mins

There is a stigma that men shouldn't be vegan because it's not "manly" enough.  My husband Ari talks about his vegan journey from eating meat, dairy and eggs 3 times a day, to being plant-based for 7 years. We discuss tips for easy high protein meals, how to have confidence as a man if you're vegan and not worry about the haters, the health benefits Ari experienced after going plant-based and more! 

Order the HealthyGirl x GoNanas ...

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June 21, 2022 18 mins

Staying on track with your routine while traveling can be difficult but I am sharing my secrets and top tips to eating healthy + exercising when you're not at home. From researching healthy options beforehand, what snacks to bring to your hotel, best nutritious snacks for a road trip, what to bring to eat on the plane, supplements to take before you fly to prevent bloating and more! I hope you enjoy this mini solo episode. 

It woul...

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This episode, budgeting expert, author, podcast host and vegan food blogger, Toni Okamoto and I discuss saving money when grocery shopping, the misconception that eating healthy has to be super expensive, tips, tricks, meal ideas, and hacks for eating plant-based on a budget, couponing secrets, meal prep 101 and more! Whether you're on a tight budget or simply want to learn how to shop smarter and save your money, you need to liste...

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May 25, 2022 66 mins

Talking with @rachlmansfield about all things food, fertility journeys, being a mom, from getting fired to becoming a successful food blogger, working with your spouse, eating with balance, rachel's pineapple tea drink that she swears by, and advice for college students who want to eat healthy.

listen to my interview on Rachel's podcast - Just the Good Stuff

more about Rachel:

Rachel Mansfield is the co-founder of grt...

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May 24, 2022 30 mins

exposing your VERY polarizing and controversial food opinions. I am giving my honest commentary on all of your weird food combinations and unexpected foods you hate. From hating avocados and pineapple on pizza to loving eating pickles with peanut butter, we really cover it all. This is pure entertainment lol. 


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Let's talk gut health! 💩 ✨ including what foods you should be eating for gut health, how to combat bloating, how to prevent constipation, the supplement you need to be taking to get you pooping regularly, the truth about fiber and how much you really need everyday, what your poop should look like and so much more!

We are joined by Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, @theguthealthmd today who is a gastroenterologist an...

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This week, we dive deep into my skincare secrets, how I keep my hair healthy, shiny and long on a vegan diet, what ingredients to focus on at the grocery store when you first go plant-based, how to make any recipe gluten-free, budget tips, the best vegan meat substitutes, how to start a plant-based diet when you feel overwhelmed, and more! 

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Ritual vegan multi-vitamin: use discount code HGK10 (I have been taki...

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Pregnancy loss is something I never thought I'd experience, but this February 2022 I went through it. I wanted to finally open up and share my story with you all. I wanted to sit down and really tell you all of the details in one place. If you've experienced a miscarriage yourself, if you're going through it now, or God forbid, have to go through it in the future - know that you are not alone. It is so extremely common but it is no...

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You may know Maya as @fitgreenmind on social media because she has become one of the most followed vegan food bloggers on Instagram at only 17 years old, with over 2M+ followers across platforms. She lives in a small town in Germany with her family, is a full-time high school student and also runs her business and social media by herself. We talk about how Maya started her social media journey as a young entrepreneur, her time mana...

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